Drinking SNAKE BLOOD in Taipei's Snake Alley! (& Guangzhou Night Market!) | Taiwan Travel Vlog

(Skip to 2:12 to get past the intro and to the restaurant with the serpent delights)

I was slightly bored early on a Friday night in the middle of May, and decided to go check out a notorious tourist market called Huaxi… or often referred to as ‘Snake Alley’ in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s called this as there are restaurants here that are famous for their snake products. I went in the first one I found, only to find perhaps the surliest waitress I’ve ever encountered. I ordered what turned out to be a snake beverage and snake soup platter. Among the beverages were snake blood with honey, snake ginseng, snake medicine wine (no idea what that is), snake VENOM, snake wine, and snake bile. I ran the gauntlet of these in order to test them all out, and then washed it all down with a small bowl of underwhelming snake soup. The entire experience cost 250ntd (about $8.35usd) but it is one I will never forget.

After that, I continued to the end of Snake Alley into the Guangzhou Street Night Market that begins where the covered alley ends. I walk around and tell some stories, crack some jokes, see lots of adult material for sale, almost have a cyclist fall over on me, and nearly choke to death on secondhand smoke in an arcade where the old uncles play TETRIS (of all things) on arcade machines.

I’ve been backpacking around Taiwan for two months now, and this was a fun little experience I would recommend to both solo travelers and groups as well!

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  1. wfire1412 C

    I heard there was an old Japanese poisonous snake research center in Taipei's mountains. At the end of the WWII, the Japanese scientists were angry that they lost, so they released all the snakes into the wild. Fortunately, we love to eat poisonous snakes, so they got eaten.

  2. wfire1412 C

    I frequented this area a lot during my Junior high school and high school time. I like to go to the local old movie theaters to watch Taiwanese movies and other Southeast Asia movies. There are a lot of gangsters in the area walking around with Japanese sumari swords, so it's a bit dangerous at that time. I like both snake soup and turtle soup.

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