Taiwan is a must-visit destination. Traveling Taiwan for the last 3 months has been so rewarding and we got to see some really impressive places. Here is why it is so underrated and why it should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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  1. 彈BB


  2. Jose Smith

    The reason Taiwan being underrated, it's probably their poor urbanization plan. Most areas don't have dissent walkway and pedestrian crossing facilities such as footbridge, subway, cross-walk… Parking spaces including multi storey car parks are not common in this country except some really busy districts. Illegal parking can be seen in quite a lot of areas and even on walkway (they just paint a red line to demarcate road and walkway without any road kerb or fence so cars can be driven on the walkway very easily). Pedestrians, wheelchairs and baby carts need to travel on the road rather than walkway in high risk. Last but not least, most residential buildings are in poor wear and tear condition which gives people especially foreigners really bad impression. As I heard, they don't have any law to enforce those owners to renovate their buildings periodically as like other countries.

  3. Joan Buschman

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    So please donate a very small amount to such organizations. That would be a very nice of you two!!!

  4. Anne Lepoivre

    i was a volunteered in taiwan for half a year and i recognised so many places you have showned ! I agree Taiwan is weirdly underrated especially for english and on my case french teacher. Fine by me, will move there next year after my degree 🌼 Such a pretty place with amazingly nice people

  5. Jimmy Chen

    Taiwan is known in the western world as "Formosa' (literally means "beautiful island") in Portuguese, as the Portuguese sailed across it in 1542. That's why Taiwan is also known as the "treasure island'. Thanks for filming the nice scenery of my country. We welcome foreign tourist to visit my country, to experience the nice scenery, nice food, hospitable and friendly people, rich history / culture/art,
    Chinese temples all over Taiwan, fantastic museum.

    Our government is working hard to improve our country's tourism, to improve the English command of Taiwanese people, to provide better public transportation to places of interests for tourists.


    Watching the film you shot in Taiwan, it is full of infinite happiness, which makes me happy all day, Taiwan's Tourism Bureau owes you too much😁😁😁

  7. 郭旺


  8. oldschoolwaverider

    Great video. The editing quality is improving a lot! I imagine it must take a lot of time to edit these videos. Just an FYI, if you walk anywhere where there might be venomous or dangerous wildlife make sure to make as much noise as possible so that they have a chance to get away. Wear a snake bell or play music on phone walking through any long grass or in mountains. It will be much safer. I say this because I have lived in Asia for a while and my friend and his girlfriend just had a close encounter with a cobra running in the mountains in Nantou Taiwan. It's nothing to worry about, but tie some jingling keys around your belt or something if you ever venture through fields or quiet places in nature.

  9. 江沂錡

    我個人很喜歡看外國人分享在臺灣的體驗 因為沒有出國經驗 會好奇對外國人來說 臺灣是什麼樣的地方 很高興你們喜歡臺灣

  10. Pao K.

    In some countries you'll find the best beaches, but probably the living condition is not so comfortable… In some the town is historical, artistic and beautiful but full of pickpockets and the locals hate tourists… In some the cultural scene is just mind blowing, but the food can poison you… In some you have to spend one week for transportation from one site to another… in some a white face from Europe equals a walking ATM… so far can you suggest the downside of traveling in Taiwan?

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