Went to Taiwan and this happened | Taipei & Taichung Feet Travel Vlog

Hey guys! I went to Taipei Medical University in Taiwan as part of Asian Medical Student’s Exchange Program (AMSEP) last July 2019. I then extended my stay to tour with my friends, Sushel and Pam, but things got out of hand. Luckily, Taiwanese people were very helpful when we roamed around Taipei and Taichung.

00:13 Taipei Medical University
01:41 Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
01:54 Shilin Night Market
02:56 Leofoo Village Theme Park
04:46 Elephant Mountain Trail
06:00 Taichung & Flower Market
08:32 Amazing foot update

Disclaimer: We didn’t have videos in Jiufen and Yehliu. Back in 2019, we were taking videos just for fun with no intentions of creating a YouTube channel at first HAHAHAHA hehe enjoy

13 Replies to “Went to Taiwan and this happened | Taipei & Taichung Feet Travel Vlog”

  1. Andy

    I could spend an entire day at that university with all the VR tech to learn! FUN 😍 What were you all mixing in the beakers? NICE! You captured the change of guards, I love that show! 😍 The night market is indeed where it's at, great foods and fun things to buy! ESPECIALLY stinky tofu 😍 fun sightseeing too 😀

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