Taiwan Budget Travel: Is Taiwan Worth Visiting? (Taiwan Solo Trip)

If you’re looking for a low budget travel destination– Budget travel in Taiwan is super easy! This Taiwan solo travel plan was because I wanted to save money (it’s cheaper than surviving in Hong Kong), and that Taiwan cheap travel requires so little effort. This place is super safe so solo travel to Taiwan isn’t much of an issue~

As I plan this Taiwan budget trip… Some people start to ask me: Is Taiwan worth visiting? Is budget travel to Taiwan possible? What is Taiwan budget travel like in terms of quality of living? Are Taiwan solo trip (s) suitable for female travellers? And what to expect as they solo travel to Taiwan?

Answer is: All positive and very doable, as shown in this video (and upcoming ones following it). Best time for visiting Taiwan in June is….. well in June~ 🙂 ( I will make another video for Taiwan budget travel 2020 soon, so stay tuned)

Note: Doesn’t matter if its Taipei solo travel or Taiwan solo travel, Taiwan budget travel is nothing but extremely doable on so many levels!

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9 Replies to “Taiwan Budget Travel: Is Taiwan Worth Visiting? (Taiwan Solo Trip)”

  1. MeloCat

    Do you travel on the cheap too? If so, how do you define cheap and how much of a budget do you usually spend?

    Guys remember if you want to support my channel, there are ways to support it by:

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    Thanks so much, it means a lot to me! Hope you guys enjoyed the video!

  2. Chuppachupps

    It'll be great if you'd share some links on where you're staying at, and also listing down where you went for travelling! I'm thinking of heading there this year in May so it'll actually really help me alot!

  3. 洪麗華

    It sounds you speak with north American accent but you also mention the expense in European dollars. Which country are you from? Taiwan boasts its large number of high mountains and indigenous culture and you have to step outside of Taipei to see the real beauty of Formosa.

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