TAIWAN STREET FOOD : RED LOBSTER + Seafood at Fuji Fish Market! BEST Taiwanese Street Food in Taipei

DANGEROUSLY Good Seafood in Taipei, Taiwan – FUJI FISH MARKET!!

A HUGE thank you to our friend, Robert, for helping us make this video possible!

Welcome to the third episode of our TAIPEI TAIWAN series! Today we meet up with a local Taiwanese friend who will show us an undiscovered part of Taiwan: Fuji Fish Port. Lying at the most northern tip of the island, we check out what kind of seafood the locals have access to in this rural town and exciting fish market. This market was full of EXOTIC fish and seafood that we have never seen before in Taiwan including PUFFER FISH not the FUGU kind!

The market is split into two sections: the market and the cooking/restaurant area. The market has all the fresh catches you could DREAM of. It is clean and modern. Bring a friend who can speak Mandarin/Chinese or Taiwanese as you will need to negotiate the price and choose how you would like your seafood cooked. Once you choose your seafood, the vendors will take you to a restaurant to have your seafood cooked immediately! So fresh and so delicious. What an incredible market and seafood FEAST! Make sure to check it out on your trip to TAIWAN!

We also check out FUHONG BEEF NOODLE an institution in Taipei city. Beef noodle (soup) is considered the national dish of Taiwan, and there are some AMAZING variations across the entire country. We checked out a local spot that earned a spot on the 2018 Michelin Recommended Guide, and now we know why! It was so tasty and CHEAP! Not to mention, open 24/7!!!


Want to visit these places? Check the information below:

Fuji Fish Port
Fenglin Rd., Shimen District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Beef Noodle at Fuhong Beef Noodles
No. 67-69 Luoyang St., Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Address for 7-eleven not included, can be found on almost every street in Taipei!

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Street Food and Seafood Fish Market in TAIPEI TAIWAN 2019

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44 Replies to “TAIWAN STREET FOOD : RED LOBSTER + Seafood at Fuji Fish Market! BEST Taiwanese Street Food in Taipei”

  1. Dave Limon

    My girlfriend and I love your show. Great food show and lovely personalities. Would love to know a little about you two. Where you're from, how you got there, boyfriend and girlfriend? Of course if it's too personal it's totally understandable but I'm sure you can see that your life and lifestyle are very intriguing.

  2. Melinda TC

    You say Beef, what type, from what animals does it come from to the table. Is it farmed or wild. Noodles, their back ground. On the business. how did you choose the place to eat? Sit UP when you eat please and bring the food to you don't lay in your food. I hate bad table manners. All in all everything looks like a lot of fun and enjoyment. Thanks for your videos and sharing.

  3. Rod Fair

    Thank you so much for your videos. I thoroughly enjoy them. Seen hundreds of food “vlogs” but yours are the best of them all!
    Sabrina adds a lot to them. Her comments are well thought out and very informative. You make a great team!
    Thanks for taking the time to make them.

  4. 郭仲哲


  5. Shortythepresident

    Dude, Its about time you get your audio together. Music louder than voice etc. Use the compressor effect on your audio when editing.

  6. nuvamusic

    Seafood: You don’t need to eat all those greens on top of the main ingredient (their strong flavor may overwhelm the bite). They are just there for flavoring and visual appeal. You just eat the meat underneath and it’ll be more enjoyable.

  7. cly bee

    So happy to see you both enjoying your meals. Your explanation, Luke, throughout the video got better. It would be great if you added brief history to the name and the style of the market, which is similar to Japan and Korea. For e.g., if your audience understand why Taiwan has alot of Japan influence, your videos will be much more sought after!

  8. Cliff P

    I am sorry to say but there has to be a hidden stall that sells to locals only at a better price. I know you have to go but it just seems to me like a tourist trap? But this one seems to have cooked it very well! And was that 82.00 cooked or was it extra to get cooked also?
    Don’t get me wrong I would had spent 160.00!!! No joke I love seafood. I put traps out in the fl keys when I was there for 3 years. And that was awesome to eat lobster as much as I did. I made it every which a way you can think? I fried it tempura and lobster rolls with croissant that I made! And sir I could have charged 25.00 per lobster roll. I just cooked drunking chicken and sir it was the best chicken I have ever had! Hands down! The breast was still juicy!!

  9. Scott Read

    I have tried many beef noodle places in Taipei but FuHiong is my favourite I used to go nearly everday when I stayed in Taipei. Can't wait until I move to Taipei to try my favourite restaurant again

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