Candy Game Machines In Taiwan

Winning candies from game machines in Taiwan.

There are plenty of claw machines in Taiwan with lots of stuffs and candies is one of them

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  1. GrayisWeird

    My grandpa on my mom’s side was born in Taiwan and lived there until he was 20! At least half of my family is from Taiwan but I’ve never met them because I was never able to go to Taiwan. I’m hoping after quarantine I can go there with my grandpa and finally meet them.

  2. James Ward

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  3. Cactus

    I love this man but the way he playing candy crush is angering bc there were sm moves he missed out on that would guarantee an automatic win. Still love mans doe

  4. Nicole Sandsmark

    We’ve never seen her husband, boyfriend, partner, friend, filmed or whoever he is to her. We only ever see his hands. In this one you can kind of make out his reflection. I see some bleach blonde hair 😉

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