Taiwan Trip Day 2⎮Taipei 101, Chaing Kai Shek Memorial, Elephant Mountain & LOTS of food

Hey everyone! Welcome to day 2 here in Taiwan…and I am absolutely in LOVE with this place! Today I go explore the Chaing Kei Shek Memorial, Tapei 101, Att 4 Fun Mall, trek the Elephant Mountain, and try some very delicious vegan food and snacks! I hope you enjoyed the vlog and thank you for all the recommendations! xxx

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25 Replies to “Taiwan Trip Day 2⎮Taipei 101, Chaing Kai Shek Memorial, Elephant Mountain & LOTS of food”

  1. Fanny Engström

    I’m thinking about going to Taipei by myself in August! (I want to go to Wanna one’s concert there and none of my friends can’t) at first I was really unsure, but your vlogs made me think about it more. Think I’m gonna go. Thank you so much! ^^

  2. doumdotexe

    What a beautiful vlog! I would love to visit Taipei and Beijing one day, but I still swear by the fact Chinese is the scariest language to try and tackle, lol! I like having a basic knowledge of the language of the places I want to visit, even if I go with tour groups. My goal for this year is to squash my fear of Chinese and try to be on a basic travelers level speaking wise. Just enough to ask my way around or ask how much things cost, you know. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us!

  3. Cristina Sanchez

    I love your videos ! I really like Taiwan, seems really cool, and the food looks great 👍🏼 I want to go to Taiwan 🇹🇼 haha someday ( I hope 🤞🏻🙏)

  4. Alliah Rose

    Maybe the first place I want to explore someday is Melbourne because I think it's really beautiful and the way you describe it everytime… the love was there.

  5. 끌레르

    I love your vlogs!!! I've come across with your seoul vlog and I totally love you and your mum! Now I'm watching your taiwan vlogs~ keep these lovely videos coming please ^^ they're so comforting and motivating me to work hard so I could earn and save money and travel in the future~ heh ^^

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