Kaohsiung, Taiwan Travel Vlog Day 1

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Taipei (“Taiwan of the north”), Taichung (“Taiwan of the center”) and Tainan (“Taiwan of the south”) describe quite well the geography of the west coast of Taiwan in terms of big cities. Kaohsiung sits even more south of “Taiwan of the south”, and it is in fact, considered the southern economic counterpart of Taipei.

Nearly as convenient as Taipei, Kaohsiung’s touristic offers are enough for at least a couple of weeks. In a two-day trip, however, it is still possible to get a grasp of what this port city is all about: open spaces, impressive architecture, sea breeze, warm weather, and colorful artistic expressions in every corner.

This travel vlog (with Spanish subtitles) features Cihou Fort, Kaohsiung Lighthouse, Cijin area, the Rainbow Church, and Formosa Boulevard metro station.

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  1. rootless polyglot

    El unico interes que hubiera podido tener esto radicaria en haberlo hecho en español. De lo contrario es solo uno mas de miles de videos en ingles sobre Taiwan que ni siquiera puede competir con la calidad de los hablantes nativos del ingles y su dominio culturomediatico de youtube. Dejense de adoctrinamientos globalizantes y vuelvan a la lengua madre

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