Asia's first travel bubble takes off | ST NEWS NIGHT

Taiwan and Palau have launched what is being billed as Asia’s first Covid-19 travel bubble, as Taiwanese tourists boarded their flight today.

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36 Replies to “Asia's first travel bubble takes off | ST NEWS NIGHT”

  1. jolin七月的风

    我看不懂英文!!但看你的脸色 准没什么好事!!!不过无论你再怎么嫁祸给我 或者 陷害我的话 我也不在害怕!!!毕竟 你们的招术不就那两招嘛!!!!我都习惯你们那招术了!!!!

  2. Hanse Rickenbacker

    Im pretty sure the entire tourist count per month for taiwan was more than the whole population of palau.

    Dont think the entire population is coming to visit 🤣

  3. Deep One

    I suspect Palau is under huge US diplomatic pressure to open up to Taiwan.
    The island-state ll be wiped off from the map if 1 Covid19 virus sneaks in.

  4. Deep One

    Travel bubble taiwan-palau?
    As usual ST propaganda presented as news, slanted. Palau on the stealth, orchestrated by the US just recognised the Taiwan diplomatically. This likely one off gvt sponsored trip is a reward for Palau Island whc has less than 20k people.
    The point is keep hyping on Spore-Hk bubble as if there ain't no nothing better to leeport.

  5. roe kinko

    Taiwan only has the AZ vaccine which is proven to cause blood blot. Many European countries stopped AZ vaccine but Taiwanese government continue to inject. Poor taiwanese people.

  6. thomas ng

    covid 19 is a scam to lead u to poison vaccine and agenda 21. if it so good. why they have to block and ban all truth from u. use logic common sense. they will take down real research

  7. lagrangewei

    as Taiwan DPP veteran politician say "Palau is an island with few traveller, they can just do testing at the airport, air bubble is rather pointless for such a small and isolated community".

    what we need are meaningful bubble between established economies.

  8. Wabi C

    According to Taiwan report the first Palua tour group, only 20% are paying travelers. The rest are sponsored by travel and govt offices. And there is not likely to be another tour group any sooner, the tour companies could only garnered 10 potential reservations.

  9. Shan Dani

    Why is Singapore not concerned about China's human rights violation of the Uyghurs? It seems Singapore cannot wait to get on with business as usual with a country with an atrocious behavior. Not only of human rights violation but also its occupation of others' spaces.

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