Travel-ying Cijin Island Taiwan (旗津島)

Cijin/Qijin Island 旗津島 is a small island right beside Kaohsiung City 高雄 with many beautiful scenic areas and an awesome food street! It is accessible by taking the ferry at Gushan Ferry Pier of Kaohsiung. This was taken on February 2016.

◈ Travel Itinerary / Guide to Qijin Island: 
Featured Food Places in Qijin Island:
Miaoqian Street

Featured Attractions/Things to do in Qijin Island:
Cihou Lighthouse 旗後燈塔
Cijin Fort 旗津砲台
Cijin Seashell Museum
Cijin Windmill Park

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  1. TRedDot

    Wow…Thank you for sharing all the Awesone trip videos especially Taiwan trip..I Miss Taiwan so much….will visit this island on my next visit…

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