42 Replies to “TRAVEL KANAZAWA JAPAN Episode 01”

  1. Suki R

    this video calmed me down from an anxiety attack i didn't know i was having. I love how calm yet bubbly and aesthetic your videos are! not to mention the editing is just chefs kiss wednesday's and sunday's are my fav now!!!!!!!

  2. Sagacious Geek

    I have the crop windbreaker. I am so excited and so happy that I could and will continue to support you Sundai thank you for your talent and light

  3. Mariposa

    “The girl from the grudge closet!” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣. Girl you’re hilarious! And beautiful. Love you have Ash there. Your bond is awesome. It’s hard enough living in entirely different country but to find that kind of friendship is Golden. 🥰

  4. Nikou Plays

    Do u do your own animations such as the characters, and the drawing on your channel art, bc i wanted to learn how to draw animations and things like that. Also, your drawing and videos are on point ngl.

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