Today we will be exploring Taipei, focusing on the more traditional side of the city, immersing ourselves in a bit of culture at the Longshan temple and trying some more local food.

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We’re Naick & Kim, a Belgian couple that quit our jobs at the end of 2018 to travel the world and have been on the road for more than a year. If you want to follow along for the rest of our journey, you can subscribe to our travel vlog series here:

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34 Replies to “FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF TAIPEI (Taiwan Vlog)”

  1. peiti Lin

    Lovely couple, I want to know which person is the strong backing, which person is the strong sane mind, please answer honestly.

    I already have the answer in my heart, I don’t know if my judgment is right .
    可愛的情侶 , 我想知道哪個人是堅強的後盾 , 哪個人是堅強的理智頭腦 , 請誠實的回答 .

    我自己心裡已經有答案了 , 不知道我的判斷對不對 .
    Please note that recently Wuhan pneumonia/cardiovirus seems to have begun to appear again.
    Have to wear a mask,
    It is a hygienic and polite habit to protect others from the infection of air, saliva and nasal discharge.
    請注意 , 最近武漢肺炎/心狀病毒好像又開始出現了 ,
    得戴口罩 ,
    保護別人保護自己避免空氣跟口水鼻涕的傳染是很衛生及禮貌的習慣 .

  2. fran chan

    Really enjoy your exploration in Taipei to ease up my homesick during the pandemic. Bopiliao historical block is a reserved site without lively activity as you can see most of the stores are closed. Highly suggest you visit other historical areas which are still alive with lots of interaction, and they are : 
    Dihua Street in Taipei (the oldest street in Taipei which was the old /major inland port for trade, entertainment etc traced back to the 17th century since the rule of the Dutch)
    Sanxia old street in Sanxia, New Taipei City with a mixture of Baroque and Taiwanese style buildings(The temple there is larger and more art works than LongShan Temple)
    Jioufen; an old mountain town with a Gold Mine Museum in New Taipei City.
    Again enjoy your last few weeks in Taipei, and looking forward to your next video.

  3. Serenity Fan

    Since you guys enjoyed the traditional buildings then strongly suggest you to Bei-tou ( MRT to Xin Bei-tou station ), great traditional Japanese buildings and natural hot spring, must visit it.

  4. 孫清綉


  5. Elsa Linn


  6. 張全榮


  7. Aaro H.

    Poe divination is a way to communicate with gods. You could hold a couple Poe in hand and tell the god your name, address and your question.
    Simplify your question to a yes/no question. Then drop the Poe on the ground. If both Poe is upside up, that is a yes. In contrast, is a no. The situation in between that means your question is somehow not appropriate or too complicated.

  8. Tre Ch

    When you guys are roaming in Taiwan,I think eventually you have to leave some day soon.There are countless souvenirs to choose from,I recommend to get on line to buy "straw kit(whole set)" .It's extremely convenient in using internet to buy things(e-commerce) here,you'll get your order in 24 hours normally.The straw kits…they are cheap , practical,re-usable ,easy to clean on your own,it comes with various materials,and it's good for the environment ,when you buy beverage from shops,nowadays,the stores wouldn't give you free straws.It's very light,and suitable to give away as a gift to your friends. Better yet,get some face masks before you leave.The world outside is getting deteriorating somehow,cha cha.

  9. F J O

    The order is : put ur offer on table before u doing ur pray, pray, after ur pray wait for couple minutes, wait for god enjoy the spirit of ur offer, then u can collect ur own offer back to ur bag, then enjoy the “physical” part of these cookies or fruit after u leave the temple. 😊
    Traditional Taiwanese lady like my mum, offer every snack and fruit she buys to temple first, she believes the blessings from god with comes with these food! 😊

  10. 天行者行者


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    The All Pass Ticket is a periodical commuter ticket that covers nearly all public transport in Greater Taipei. It can be stored in EasyCards and Easy Wallet. The ticket is valid for unlimited travel on the Taipei Metro, Danhai LRT, and all buses (except on those charging by distance) in the Greater Taipei area within its 30-day validity period. Cardholders also enjoy the first 30 minutes of any YouBike rental session within the Greater Taipei area for free (registration required).Valid for only one passenger at a time!

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