Taiwan Travel Shorts – Taiwan’s Insane “Convenience” Stores Blow Up Your Mind! – 台灣旅遊短片 – 豪華便利商店

EN: Got overwhelmed with the super fancy convenient stores in Taiwan!
This one is our local 7 Eleven luxury “convenience” store and so happy we have it. I’m used otherwise with convenience stores being really something you go quickly to buy satisfying your current needs, but here in Taiwan you want to live inside them! They are literally better than our apartment.😆

TW: 台灣的便利商店隨處可見,但裝潢像網美店還是第一次看到。好適合招待朋友,大家選自己的飲料、啤酒甜點,坐在舒服的沙發聊天看書,這真的是必備的生活機能之一。

SI: Neverjetno kakšne nore “hitre” trgovine imajo na Tajvanu. Ta je naša lokalna in smo res veseli, da jo imamo. Ima svojo pekarno, drogerijo, kopirnico, bančnimi in poštarskimi storitvami, pivnico, kavarno in še in še. Vse na enem mestu. In še luksuzna povrhu, dobesedno boljša od našega stanovanja in te ima, da bi se kar preselil vanjo.

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