Tiny Kitchen Tour in Taipei, Taiwan | Living in Taiwan as an American 🇹🇼

Downsizing to a tiny kitchen in Asia has both pros and cons. Check out how we make it work in Taipei, Taiwan!


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16 Replies to “Tiny Kitchen Tour in Taipei, Taiwan | Living in Taiwan as an American 🇹🇼”


    You have the best kitchen I've seen yet. why? Because you did great with every inch available. Excellently done. You have inspired my thinking. Thank you and enjoy your may yum plant based meals. Would love to see plant based meal deals.

  2. freefraction

    Hello guys:) I loved the tour in the kitchen. i myslef struggle a lot with tiny spaces… which brings me… why dont you reorganise and replace pots/pans to go up and food down? 🙂 down there is soooo much unused space 🙂 (sorry for my OCD!!!!) <3

  3. Teaching in Taipei

    Hi! Just stumbled across your channel. You can buy flour tortillas at Carre Four. You can also buy homemade flour or corn tortillas at Eddy's Mexican Cantina in Tianmu. We have a spice drawer like that too. It is so convenient. 🙂

  4. Yu-chou Yen

    1. the tab water quality in Taipei is drinkable which is guaranteed by the mayor Prof. Ko, a expert in ER who dedicated 30 years of his life in public health. If u do worried about heartburn for a long term for drinking unboiled water, all u need to do is boiling the water and keep the water uncoverd for 30 mins which makes the testate better.
    2. Where u stay in Taipei city is part of old downtown which means the living expenses are higher than other place in Taipei including the rent. Frankly speaking, ur apartment might be newer than others which also explains the rent is so high. Normally, The space inside of ur apartment in other places of taipei city will be twice larger but Da Ann, Xing Yii and Chung Shang district. Out of Taipei City is less expensive~

  5. TYRAbundance

    Absolutely loved this video Caryn! Can't believe I just found your channel xDD So sad!!! Just subbed and can't wait for more <3 You have the most lovely voice btw 🙂

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