US delegation visiting Taiwan says relations are stronger than ever

A United States delegation visiting Taiwan has said that relations between the two sides are stronger than ever. At the same time, the island said it will work with the US to deter military threats from China. The unofficial trip is straining ties between Beijing and Washington. China has hit out at the visit, which the US said is a personal signal of President Joe Biden’s commitment to Taiwan.

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28 Replies to “US delegation visiting Taiwan says relations are stronger than ever”

  1. oyecomova oye

    The rise in tension is due to America's use of Taiwan as a pawn for its foreign policy and even trade policy. The US is the most dishonest country in the world and the greatest threat to world peace. Yet Americans thjnk they are angels sent to save Taiwan and the world. The truth is that Americans don't give a jolt to the safety of Taiwanese.

  2. Peter Laval

    Tsai is blind to the American trick. If Taiwan reunites back with mainland China peacefully, the American will get NOTHING out of it. That's why the American supports Tsai to abandons reunification, pushing Tsai to go to war with China. ONE: They can sell more weapons, some obsolete and some new for real war testing. There are a lot of monies to be made for them. TWO: during this chaotic of war, the American will have better opportunity to manipulate situation to further their advantages. Whether it's at the expense of Taiwan or not, it's their benefit, period. THIRD: war will give American more reason to contain China further, again supporting their global dominant. Tsai, WAKE-UP, WAKE-UP, WAKE-UP.

  3. God is great- America is great

    ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China"

  4. Edward DelacruZ

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  5. Yeap Soon

    lingsj90, .. borned in the 90s? You got much to learn. Chinese? .. must be very ignorant and not really aware of your cultural roots and history.
    Hey lingsj90, its mouth watering and for the years to come, you wished you were borned in China. Don't be foolish.

  6. Lee Cheong

    How strong? Would Americans die for Taiwan? Start with Ukraine. Put the money where your mouth is. Since the start of China military circling around Taiwan, where are the Americans, the Brits, the German, the French, the Australians and the Japanese. There is no point moving your military hardware in the South China Sea when the Chinese military hardware are inactive. No point on narratives when USA even withdraw from the Black Sea at the very last minute. Taiwanese are just so naive dying to believe Chiak Tsai. So much shouting about shooting down China jet fighter but China has been flying over Taiwan daily. What is Chiak Tsai and her minister going to do about that or just prostituting themselves more and more to the white master daily? If China is to attack in daytime, it will over in 3 days. If night time, it will be just overnight. Taiwan still think that China is going to like the last time shoot some bombs over? Yeah, Taiwan actually believe Chiak Tsai lie that it’s 600 tin vessel can sink China’s 80 000 ton air craft carrier. The Taiwanese are living in denial. USA is just trying to hold back as king as possible so that China will not get their hands on the Taiwan’s most important asset – semiconductor. Taiwanese is nothing to the Americans but a bunch of nuisance who Washington can use to stop a small part of the rise of China. When China no longer want Taiwan semiconductor, USA will not give a dime of time to it. Gullible Taiwanese eating from the plate of Chiak Tsai is the funniest parody of the century. If China want to starve Taiwan, they will stop importing EVERYTHING not just a few pineapples. Top class gullible dumb ass.

  7. Yeap Soon

    Taiwan is courting trouble by playing into the hands of the US tricksters. After failing to turn Xinjiang as their proxy, is Taiwan willing to be US proxy against their motherland, China?

  8. Jesús Martín

    I am surprised Republic of china is playing this games. At the end they will be the one who suffer the most since USA is just using them to attack China mainland.

  9. cher steven

    Trade war, tech war, propaganda war on HK, Tibet, Xinjiang and meddling with China internal affairs. Anymore dirty schemes?
    China is ready. BTW, thank you for speeding up the process of taking taiwan back.

  10. Cheers Mate

    Hasn’t our media no problem with putting THEIR OPINIONS as the front page headline in their papers as opposed to a straight news story full of facts. "Russia invades Ukraine at the same time as China attacks Taiwan"
    – Isn't that nothing more than wishful thinking?

  11. G Asia

    American bubbled stock prices will explode once China decided to hold a 300,000 troops emancipate Taiwan exercise. Singapore's stock prices will collapse also if China fires a missile over Taiwan. They can deliver many punches toward China, but the latter just need to give them one good slap.

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