Taiwan Travel Shorts – Traditional Hokkien Ke Tse Drama – 台灣旅遊短片 – 歌仔戲 – Drama Iz Tajvana

EN: Randomly passed and seen this Taiwanese Ke Tse – Hokkien Opera, traditional drama originating from Taiwan. In some of the earliest forms, some elements were adopted from folk songs in Fujian.
For me it was simply something completely different from what I’ve seen so far anywhere and really enjoyed it.
P.S. Apologies (again ;-)) for a bit shitty video, but here I actually have an excuse, they was literally a busy road between us spectators and podium. And Taiwanese drivers don’t stop!😅

TW: 小時候都會在電視上看歌仔戲,現在只有在宮廟慶祝才看得到了。雖然我常聽不太懂內容但常常想起在巷口搭起戲棚,拿著板凳坐在戲台前聽戲,還喜歡偷窺後台看著他們化妝,滿滿的回憶。

SI: Tradicionalna Hokkien Ke Tse drama iz Tajvana. Zanimiva stvar, bil zelo lepo presenečen, ker smo čisto slučajno šli mimo in se je začelo dogajati.🤠Edino, eno o pravičilo za precej slab video, ampak dobesedno je bila med nami občinstvom in odrom zelo prometna cesta, malo neobičajno ja, ampak res nisem hotel, da me kdo povozi.😂

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