🇵🇭🇹🇼 Fillipino Taiwan Couple: Weekend Trip, for something~

So, we already decided. We are nervous about the future but we must face it in a relax disposition. We thought we have to make it special and so we are here in this hotel. We believe that if we want to have it, we should make it a memorable event and in a relaxing place.

28 Replies to “🇵🇭🇹🇼 Fillipino Taiwan Couple: Weekend Trip, for something~”

  1. miguel ramon agapito palileo

    Don't remove ur underwear kabayan mosayaw ug mo wiggle wiggle jud na🤪🤪🤪enjoy swimming with ur beautiful wife Anna👍👍

  2. jerome escobal

    Hii im new here from PH. Philippines. Well Kuya your are right to say that every filipinos wear it beacause to feel comfortable to swim to dive to walk it makes comfortable suitable fitable in every way to wear it thats the reason for us filipinos to do it our own way like anybody dont care dont mind but we filipinos care about it because we observe it we feel it we are sensitive so thats why but its ohky your wife would feel that way because she doesnt know it you should explain it to her.

  3. Romulo Langres

    wow nice to see again,,, another vlog nakakatuwa kayo mag asawa habang pinapanood ko kayo,,, nakakaalis ng stress d2 sa atin sa pinas,,, nasa marami pa akong video na mapanood ingat kayong dalawa and god bless always

  4. Knoll Vlogs Tv

    Required po yan kabayan to wear a swimwear w/o underwear..i remembered during our first company tour(taiwan) ..were wearing swim wear w/ brief(underwear) the lady pool attendant checked our swimwear..then she told us to removed our brief hahhaha

  5. Winx Aproda Vlog

    Na miss ko ang Taipei sana makabalik na sooner. Madami pang lugar sa Taiwan ang hindi ko napasyalan sana sa susunod kong pagpunta medyo mahaba yung time ng stay namin. Hehehe.

  6. Lina Busbus

    Stay safe always your bonding…I'm enjoying watching your vlog…kabayan you are so lucky WD your wife its because she is very good and she did to you..your so loving couples…and god bless.

  7. 3a trip

    Good day,,,for your safety your brother down just wear brief if you swim,,maybe if you jump in the pool and then your shorts is missing,, hehe 😅

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