SCOOTERING to Kinmen's Best DESSERT AND COFFEE ☕️ Kinmen Island Travel and Taiwan Cute Cafe VLOG

A visit to a Taiwan cafe is necessary when scootering around after a long day. One of the best parts of travel for coffee and tea lovers is visiting cute and unique cafes — and Kinmen Island is full of them!

In this VLOG, we’ll scooter from Shanwai to Shamei and visit two unique cafes, one a popular dessert shop and the other by one of Kinmen’s most popular tourist destinations, Little Morocco.

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The locations featured in today’s video:
Qieyi Dessert Shop (愜意甜點工作室):
Shamei Old Street (Little Morocco) (沙美老街):

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22 Replies to “SCOOTERING to Kinmen's Best DESSERT AND COFFEE ☕️ Kinmen Island Travel and Taiwan Cute Cafe VLOG”

  1. Roberto S

    We love the taro ice cream and popsicle sold in the local Asian stores. Too bad fresh taro is very expensive. Otherwise, we would make these deserts by ourselves.



  3. Chuck Huang

    That really small alley way when you were riding scooter and crossing, it must be a real local route known by locals only. Looks like only good to go through by walking, however, you made it through by riding scooter!

  4. 月風

    在家會使用芋頭做甜點、冰品、甜湯,當然地瓜、南瓜也很容易變甜點😆(金門我只住過3年左右)金門的美食令人難忘,高坑牛肉麵、全牛大餐,成功鍋貼,金門陳年高梁酒(陳高+咖啡豆=變成美味咖啡酒~很適合調酒用的材料👍),山外餐廳有一道金門人才知道的隱藏菜單~涼拌石蚵~這道菜不知道還有沒有人嚐過(有認識的餐廳~預約才吃得到的美食)Maybe you can find. Try it.

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