8 Replies to “King Liu's Tour of Taiwan”

  1. Phil Anderson

    An friend of mine rode one of these rides in Taiwan, ran into Tony Lo and was able to talk to him. Lo said a key to his success was that he treated his employees like they were his customers. Happy employees were motivated employees, and that lead to satisfied customers.

  2. Kamol Hengkiatisak

    May the chairman ride until he is 100. Hope to see him do that in 20 years' time around Taiwan in 20 days.

    I am a junior of 63 years old who is also an avid biker who presently enjoy Audax Randonneur trips in Thailand.

  3. m00gercake

    "Rest on Your Belief of Charging Forward, Because You Will Only Know Your Next Move After You Have Tried"

    – King Liu

    Cannot wait for my trip to Taiwan.  I always feel inspired in that country.

  4. Shane L

    This is why I love Giant's Video. Not only motivational but also inspiring. They stay true to their slogan on "Ride Life Ride Giant" as they marketing and promotion brings back to the consumers of has the passion for cycling and achieving goals together as a group and breaking barriers.

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