Sunday Brunch No Menu Glass House Restaurant Yilan Taiwan!

Sunday Brunch No Menu Glass House Restaurant Yilan Taiwan!
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My nephew Danny signed us up for a trip to Yilan to have lunch at a well known restaurant there called The Glass House on my first Sunday in Taiwan.

It takes about an hour drive by car from Taipei to Yilan, a city on the east coast of Taiwan. It used to take much longer, as you had to circle around the mountains, but now there is a tunnel through the mountains. This makes it a lot faster and easier to go from Taipei to Yilan.

(The Hsuehshan Tunnel connects Taipei County and Yilan County and runs to a total length of 42323ft. It is the longest road tunnel in East Asia and also the fifth-longest tunnel in the word).

We had reservations for Sunday Brunch at Glass House Restaurant. The restaurant is most famous for having no menu; the chef just decides what to cook according to what is in season at the time.

The Glass House restaurant was indeed made mostly from glass, and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The food that we were served for brunch was delicious, and had a very artistic presentation.

As with most meal with my family in Taiwan there was way too much! There were many (at least 10) different courses served to us during a brunch that lasted for about two hours. I managed to stay and continue eating until the fruit course at the very end of the brunch. Once lunch is over, you can wandered off to walk around the gardens and enjoy the views of the restaurant and countryside.



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