Taiwan to get AGM-84H SLAM-ER Missile | Will make Taiwan Strait a 'Kill Zone' for Chinese Navy !

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The U.S Department of State had approved the potential sale of several weapons systems to Taiwan late last year.

One of the most important was that of SLAM-ER.

The notification covered the sale of 135 AGM-84H Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response or SLAM-ER Missiles and related equipment made by Boeing, for an estimated $1.008 bn.

While China & Taiwan have been bracing for a conflict for decades, it has now come to a point where a clash seems unavoidable and it’s only a matter of time.

In this video Defense Updates analyzes how American made AGM-84H SLAM-ER could impede a Chinese naval assault to take over Taiwan?

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33 Replies to “Taiwan to get AGM-84H SLAM-ER Missile | Will make Taiwan Strait a 'Kill Zone' for Chinese Navy !”

  1. Ray Lopez

    Well, I doubt the USA actively helps Taiwan during an invasion (speaking as an American). However, by selling these SLAM-ER missiles it will cost Beijing China a lot of sacrifice to invade Taiwan. And I think the USA would impose a trade embargo, as would a lot of other countries. Further, Taiwan must remain free for, among other things, they have a good fab in TSMC. But Intel is also doing fab work and I can see the day when the USA decides Taiwan is not worth a hot war. I see the USA already having cold feet in curbing the dictator Kim of North Korea. The US military is very risk adverse and their main function is to simply get money from US taxpayers and expand their budget (sad but true).

  2. m kvp

    I don't think China would want to zerg on Taiwan. They'll just try to make their lives miserable and slowly build up more and more pressure. Stay strong people from Taiwan!

  3. Alex Rahardja

    Nah sure if China use the landing forces. Sure Taiwan has the advantage ghere. But China not have to send any landing troops. A combo between blitzkrieg and leap islan will do. The trickiest part is how to isolate Taiwan from US and how to annihilate the US combat abilities while at the same time not kiĺing any of their soldiers. If China use their latest and their most advancd tech, they won't need any of landing units. Yet by taking out their supplues within 3 days Taiwan should have been fall.

  4. Blue Calu

    I wonder how much taiwan can buy fire power from US to protect their country.
    If only all asian country can get together to fight china, it will make them more powerful.

  5. David Fraley

    > The free world cannot afford to let the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) take Taiwan. [Maybe they should be called the NAZI party, except for the symbols it is hard to tell the difference.] Taiwan is strategically located at the center of the SCS (South China Sea). It would complete their control of the first island chain less Japan. It would become yet another island military base. Japan would be their next target and who knows after that. The CCP would use Taiwan to cut the trade routes and threaten free countries who do not yield to its will or relinquish territory and resources. Japan would be the first to be cut off. Appeasement “Peace in our time” did not work for Chamberlain it will not work now.

    > The CCP believes it is on the verge of global domination. The Quad Alliance (Australia, India, Japan, United States) and now others is the only organization that could stand up to the CCP. If the Quad+ does nothing other countries will say the Quad+ ether could not or would not stop the CCP and so they cannot. They would have to aqueous to all the CCPs demands and over time lose their sovereignty to the CCP. Eventually the CCP would become so powerful that short of war the free world would have to do so too. This used to be called the domino effect. The CCP would spread its propaganda/censorship/surveillance empire not just to Mongolia, Turkestan, Tibet, the Falun Gong, Hong Kong and now Taiwan but all over the world. Free speech would evaporate globally. Freedom and democracy would become a distant memory. Concentration camps would proliferate worldwide.

    > IT WILL START LIKE THIS: The CCP assumes the Quad+ alliance will help Taiwan. The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) attacks the Quad+ carriers and air force with 100s of missiles each preemptively in the belief that a demoralized Quad+ will withdraw leaving Taiwan defenseless. The Quad destroys the PLA navy, takes the artificial military islands, and closes the Strait of Malacca to the CCP. The Quad+ maintains constant military and economic pressure on the CCPs” Military Industrial Complex” with standoff weapons. With their massive numerical advantage invading mainland China is not an option. It would result in massive casualties, lots of collateral damage, risk a nuclear exchange and/or become a protracted war with no guarantee of achieving anything more. Inflicting casualties on the PLA would only make them stronger as they already have more people than their land will support (1.4 billion, four times the US population and four times the number of mouths to feed with the same amount of land). China is not self-sufficient in oil, coal, natural gas, food, iron ore, rare earth ore and other things. A war in China’s front yard would in and of itself stop all Chinese trade. A negotiated peace or even a cease fire would not work as the CCP would never honor any deal it made, rearm, and try again. The only thing that would stop the CCP is the inability to attack. Containment would be the order of the day, a decade or even more. There would be no exit strategy. Perpetual war? The war might go cold in time all by itself without any type of agreement or declared end. With all deference to Binkov’s Battlegrounds the object of the exercise would be to protect Taiwan, stop CCP Lebensraum (expansionism), keep the international sea lanes open, and eliminate the threat to and theft of resources from other countries, NOT the conquering of china.

    > The CCP is watching the US military now free of INF Treaty restrictions reorganize, reprioritize, build capability and alliances in the SCS. This might be enough to deter them. Increasing the deterrent by subsidizing Taiwan’s defense/coast guard would be a thousand times cheaper in terms of “blood and treasure” than war. Maybe the US should dust off the 1941 “Lend-Lease Act” or Canada the “Mutual Aid Act”? What ever happened to “The Arsenal of Democracy”? Does the free world really need to charge Taiwan the full price for the military supplies and equipment they are buying? Should little Taiwan wildly overmatched bear the burden of defending freedom and democracy worldwide? The only way to really win a war is not to fight one. An economic war or cold war is a lot less expensive and a lot less bloody than a real one. The CCP has been fighting a cold war with the free world for the last 50 years.

  6. Richard Wallinger

    The ccp invasion of Taiwan will be a turkey shoot . Thousands of brainwashed Chinese military vapourised while Xi JInping sits safely in his nuke proof bunkers .

  7. Doug InOrlando

    I have to wonder if all Taiwan’s military will end up as part of China’s military in a sudden deal that avoids destruction and replaces it with long term prosperity

  8. Snow

    Taiwan is looking for1000km range wepon,long range type.Taiwan is seeking to buy long range wepons ,is in discussion about this .discussion is running smoothly and openly towards this.

  9. eymeera osaka

    The US is selling Taiwan its junks….. weapons it is trying to get rid of. And Taiwan is paying premium price for them. How stupid Tsai Ing
    -wen, the president of Taiwan…..Even if the US were to sell Taiwan its latest military hardware, it will also not have any impact on the outcome if China were to invade Taiwan. How delusional…

  10. John Rose

    Just blockade China, it is very reliant on imports of coal, iron ore and particularly food. Failing that, a tactical strike against the 3 Gorges dam should make them see reason!

  11. Kelly R

    If l was America, l would secretly arm Taiwan with a few dozen medium range Nukes, and have them solely targeted at any major port and military base within 11500 km of Taiwan.

  12. Jim Yost

    About twelve years ago my then-brother-in-law (my ex-brother-in-law now) was complaining to me about some stupidity going on in the realm of politics. I replied that the world is being run by crazy people. He gave me a deer-in-the-headlights facial expression, and even though he didn't say so, he dismissed me as being a 'crazy conspiracy theorist.' I wonder what he thinks about it now.

  13. Rico Woo

    Right now, China has these stock of amphibious assault ships:
    1) old class 071: 8 completed, 8 planned; each embarks 600 – 800 troops
    2) new class 075: 3 completed, 5 planned; each embarks 1200 troops
    Under Taiwan's intensive missile network, there is no chance of success with such landing force. With the slow progress in construction, I don't think China has any real intention in the near future to cross the strait. Together with the assurance of US and Japan, Taiwan should be safe for quite a period of time.

  14. chengan ye

    Subsonic is bad, the research from the pentagon shows that supersonic anti-ship missile is 3 times threat than a subsonic, unfortunately the western countries did not chose that path.

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