Extra Innings – Episode 13 – Taipei 101

Off day tour of the tallest building in Taiwan and once tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. Some amazing views of the city and some interesting science and history.

16 Replies to “Extra Innings – Episode 13 – Taipei 101”

  1. Jen-yuan Chen

    I live not far away from this building but I never have the chance to visit the top floors. It's pretty cool to go through this attraction from your vlog. Nice tour guide video.
    BTW your last complete shutout was amazing. Looking forward to seeing your next start!

  2. kaichi1978

    Thanks so much for the introduction of Taipei 101 in details, which is also very helpful even for those who’ve been there. The night scene seen from Taipei 101 must also be magnificent. Maybe it could be a reason for your revisit next time.

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