How serious is the water crisis in China's Taiwan region?

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China’s #Taiwan region is facing the worst #water #crisis in 56 years. The historic drought is putting pressure on crucial semiconductor manufacturing at a time when global companies are clamoring for chips, and the local authorities are taking criticism for their drought alleviation approach. How serious is it? Will it pose a threat to the global supply of semiconductors? And what are the political ramifications?

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26 Replies to “How serious is the water crisis in China's Taiwan region?”

  1. J C

    I hope the Taiwanese will overcome this. Been there and able to understand most of their minan hua having spoken to a security guard there. Tsai has really done a disservice to the Taiwanese.

  2. Ramsey Merdassi

    china's taiwan region 😂 that's funny. everyone knows they are a separate country even if chinese state media want to convince the world they're not

  3. Sophien Ben-Achour

    Taiwan seems like a nice country. I’d like to visit one of these days. I hear they have fantastic pineapples in high demand this time of year. 👍🏽

  4. Fabian Wee

    So when Taiwan media laughing about the flood in China,.. and the 3 Gorge going to collapse .. it turns out the more cynical happening itself in Taiwan..- Incapable leadership.

  5. Yui Chan

    There was a hit TV series called ''包青天'' two decades ago. I remember at that time a news reported Taiwan province people asking HK not to broadcast it because Taiwan was drought. Taiwan people prayed for rain and didn't want ''天天見青天''.
    That means the drought problem hasn't been solved for decades.
    The local gov. is either lack of the ability to deal with it, or busy playing politics and forget about people's livelihood.

  6. Hanferd

    They are always welcome to ask for US with Water aid as they keep saying how friendly they are with them. Either that or they can eat up the leftover pineapple juice

  7. HighMojo

    This is not a one time event, rather this is a long term climate change. Taiwan needs to consider the possibility that the rains will never come again and they should consider alternative sources of water such as desalination.
    To put some numbers into the acuteness of the drought, the dams are now at less than 8% capacity, some have dried up completely. The reality for chipmakers is that they are now buying water using water trucks to carry them and drawing water from groundwater.
    Their solution is to hope and pray, the religious people are praying, while the government is hoping that the rains will come during the May rainy season. There is no concrete action being taken whatsoever. The DPP government is good at playing politics but totally inept at infrastructure, all the existing infrastructure is legacy infrastructure built by the past governments.
    It is not just about the water shortage anymore, electricity generation has also been affected, and they even had to cut off power for a period to the semiconductor industrial parks because the dams can no longer generate electricity.

  8. Wen Tai

    When you have predominantly lawyers and career politicians heading all the key departments and in legislative assemblies, that is what you get (as in USA). The era Taiwan was built up by engineers has long gone. Subsequent generations are just spending the savings.

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