Taiwanese People Love The WEIRDEST Tourist Attractions

Taiwan has some amazing places to see. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion. Today I decided to show you none of that.

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34 Replies to “Taiwanese People Love The WEIRDEST Tourist Attractions”

  1. Huang Amy

    I enjoyed watching this hilarious video.
    Finally someone has spoken out how I felt when I visited those (weird funny and kinda stupid) tourist scenes in Taiwan 😂😂😅

  2. Eugene Polan

    I've visited 2 salt mines, one in Detroit, Michigan, in the USA and one in Wieliczka Poland.  If you ever have an opportunity to go 400 meters underground and tour a salt mine, DO IT! The Detroit salt mine tour was all business, with a video explaining all the uses of salt and how, before refrigeration, salt was often worth more than gold for it's ability to preserve foods.  The salt mine in Wieliczka was more artistic and historic.  This had been the source of a king's wealth.  There were elaborate salt carvings of religious figures, some painted and some natural, and a chapel carved out of salt with backlit "Stations of the Cross", salt crystal chandeliers, and even an altar and pews carved from salt.  The kings were very proud of their mine and brought people down there they wanted to impress.  An added benefit – like going down into a cave, it's a pleasant temperature year-round down in a salt mine.  Salt – who woulda thunkit, right?

  3. Ivy Yang

    鹽埕濱海線的 3D彩繪村或是台中彩虹眷村才是台灣奇怪的觀光景點。

  4. fu ruby

    A lot of themeic places which are nothing to do with Taiwaneses' life purely created for entertaining tourists . They will probably be gone in a couple years as lack of cultural recognitions

  5. JS Jiang

    It's not rock salt. It's just been mined from Wumao's since the HK election results.

  6. Mountain Biker

    😂 hasn't gone through the thread, but you know why there are strange amusement-like equipments? They are for kids built by adults with bad tastes, kinda mixing knowledge with fun.

    There are ppl who study measures in Taiwan, but they aren't consulted and no budget to hire the real gun for such design.

  7. Ghleehanna Leslie

    Wow that's a lot of salt and I don't even salt my food… there's enough natural salt and your food so that you really don't need to salt it…

  8. Galani Mixalis

    Were you in a theme park of Ed Wood's films? So artificial, mediocre and boring. Instead lingering on this dodgy site, you could visit some ' l'endroit' within authenticity in Tainan. If Molière had witnessed it, he could have written another play.

  9. TheECSH

    most of these attractions are a bit wacky, but the salt mountain and salt museum are actually "normal" and educational. Not sure how in North America we obtain our salt, but in Europe they also have similar salt exhibitions and salt statues. The difference is that they mined their salt from underground, instead of through sea salt like in Taiwan.

  10. 東方雪晴


  11. Richard Orr

    I personally think 'weird' has some negative implications as you were looking at these places from 'your' perspective. Personally, they are interesting and often educational (except the 'high heel church' lol).

  12. 禧魯魯


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