TAIPEI | Eating, Elephant Mountain, Leg Cramps, Sky Lanterns and More Food | 12 Days In Taiwan EP1

Touching down in Taipei, the first episode follows Will on his adventures while based in Taipei. Food is the primary mission on Day 1 as he eats through popular restaurants and a hyper local night market that should not be missed. There was also the hike up to Xiangshan which had glorious views but led to some serious immobilizing leg cramps (HOW EMBARASSING!!!). The second day featured a day trip with MyTaiwanTour to the famous Jiufen as the inspiration for Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” and Pingxi where sky lantern dreams are made of before finishing the day at the hyper touristy Shilin Night Market.

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– Sonnien Hotel 2:14
– Yong-Kang Beef Noodle 3:46
– Smoothie House 4:46
– Elephant Mountain hiking (Xiangshan) 5:36
– Jing Mei Night Market 6:50
– Jinguashi (Japanese gold mining) 10:51
– Gold Waterfalls 11:45
– Jiufen 12:08
– Pingxi (Old Shifen Street) 14:12
– Shilin Night Market 16:21

The travelogue, 12 Days in Taiwan, follows the adventures of Will from Going Awesome Places as he and his wife travel all around the country of Taiwan in search of adventure, culinary delights, ways to live like a local, and get a better understanding of Taiwanese culture.

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:

Special thanks to Taiwan Tourism Bureau for making this trip happen!

➡️ Full itinerary blog post is here for all the detailed information you’re looking for on everywhere we went:

Why you need to travel to Taiwan next:

– Sonnien Hotel in Taipei –

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Produced, filmed & edited by Will Tang
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18 Replies to “TAIPEI | Eating, Elephant Mountain, Leg Cramps, Sky Lanterns and More Food | 12 Days In Taiwan EP1”

  1. StormontMan

    We are at the early stages of planning a trip from the UK to Taiwan in November 2019. The first video made me feel like you were our best friends, and we don't even know you! Our trip will probably be a little less tiring than what you two do! Can't wait to watch the next episode. Thanks guys so far. Robin

  2. tienalan

    What’s up Will, you made to my recommendation list! 🙂 -Alan from PMC, greetings from Austria. And glad that you enjoyed my home country!

  3. ELORE

    Your video production and style is excellent. However, I’d tone down the volume of the background music. It’s making it quite difficult to follow up what you are saying.


    Love ur video and this adventure; putting up on our main travel map here at for video representing Taipei. Excellent! I just cannot wait to go and spend time in Taiwan. (Ps: put up=make a link to ur video here for everyone to come and see). Hoi from DrBen stuck in The Netherlands behind a computer and making the most fun of it by traveling in the mind!Anyone welcome to send me their video, just find me via site or on twitter @asiareportcom

  5. Naomi Gee

    Hey bud, noticed some aerial shots of the Elephant Mountain trail. Were you bringing a drone? I’m planning to do the hike and get some great drone shots but I’m not sure if it’s allowed at the Elephant Mountain. Would really be grateful if you can reply. Thanks in advance.

  6. Dany Houde

    Great to finally see the fruit of your labour! Looks like you guys did have a packed itinerary indeed… But all that food! OMG! Makes me wanna go back! Keep the videos coming Will, 加油! 😀

  7. Arienne Parzei

    Great video! So. Much. Food!!! I really need to get to Taiwan now, even if it's just to eat my way through the country. I love the first track you used too 😀 Great minds think alike!

  8. Hideki Brian Gomi

    Taiwan is my definition of the heaven! The biggest attraction is probably its energetic yet super friendly people. Great work, Will!

  9. Skipper

    Another awesome Video. Would love to get more info from you about places to eat and stay as me and my wife(who's from Japan ) may go to Taiwan in the near future as its so close from Japan. Cheers from the NWT, Canada.

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