TAIWAN ♡ 台灣旅遊 vlog…金城武?? (eng sub) | SHERRY W.

My 7 day adventure where I travel all over Taiwan! Featuring Taipei (台北), Taitung (台東), Taichung (台中), Hualien (花蓮), Kenting (墾丁), Tainan (台南). Of course, I was eating non-stop for this entire trip…but how could you possibly resist night market food?

DAY 1 – 台北 (Taipei) & 北投 (Beitou)
Blog post:
台灣租車 Taiwan Car Rental |
北投天玥泉會館 Beitou Hot Spring Resort |

DAY 2 – 宜蘭市 (Yilan) & 花蓮市(Hualien County)
Blog post:
牛肉面 Beef soup noodle | Local restaurant
老元香本行 Taiwanese snack store
清水斷崖 Qingshui Cliff|
花蓮彩虹夜市 Hualien Night Market |台灣花蓮縣花蓮市中山路50號 |
中華路 Road in Hualien with lots of shops
花蓮福品旅店 Hualien Hotel *Not in video* |

Day 3 – 南投縣 (Nantou County) & 台中 (Taichung) & 花蓮市 (Hualien County)
太魯閣國家公園 Taroko National Park |
錐麓古道 & 福磯大斷崖 Jhuilu & Fuji Cliffs
天峰塔 Heaven Summit Pagoda
水濂洞Water curtain
提拉米蘇 Tiramisu Store | 花蓮縣花蓮市中原路738號 |
花蓮福品旅店 Hualien Hotel *Not in video* Same as Night 2|

Day 4 –台東市 (Taitung) & 池上 (Chishang)
立川漁場 Lichuan Clam Farm |
縣吉蒸牧場 Hualien Farm |
伯朗大道 Chishang Road (aka. 金城武拍廣告的路!!!!! Where Takeshi Kaneshiro filmed his commercial! ♥) |
池上飯包 Taiwanese Food |
月光夏民宿 Hotel (Homestay style) |

Day 5 -墾丁 (Kenting)
墾丁夜市 Night Market

Day 6 – 墾丁 (Kenting)
阿郎衝浪俱樂部 A Lang Kenting Surf Shop |
珊瑚海渡假旅館 Coral Sea Resort Hotel *Not in video* |
墾丁勝利租車 Scooter Rental |
洋蔥田 Onion Farm Store |www.onioncookies.com
出火景觀 Hengchun Chuhuo |
皇賓大飯店 Royal Guest Hotel *Not in video* |

Day 7 – 台南市 (Tainan)
草祭二手書室 Second-hand Bookstore |台南市南門路71號 | 營業時間:12:00 ~ 21:00 週三店休 |電話:06-2216872 |
窄門 Narrow Door |
台灣台南市新光三越 Focus Sqaure |

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34 Replies to “TAIWAN ♡ 台灣旅遊 vlog…金城武?? (eng sub) | SHERRY W.”

  1. g c

    Hi Sherry! I just recently discovered your youtube channel and I am so in love with your videos! You also have great taste in music! I especially loved the songs that you've picked here, may I please know the titles of the songs?

  2. Nancy Wang

    I'M BACK

    I wanna go to Taiwan because so many people say that there's a lot of trees and nature inside urban cities, and it just seems like it's so comfortable

    How much more saturated is the edited colour to real life? The greens look so nice omg

  3. 吳惠美

    給大大推薦一個喝茶吃魚的好地方~出差旅遊好去處.加帳號折扣2K另買二送一 Line:atobe8899微信:atobe444 或 Skype:atobe22看照:http://www.atobe888.com在她家喝這幾次茶,她家的MM不論在服務上、身材上及技術上都堪稱一絕,要主動就有主動,要被動有被動,從調情到結束,讓我實在沒有言語可以形容,簡直享受到一般人沒有的生活感覺她家的茶都有在教育.服務和配合度還有時間都覺得比別間要好很多!

  4. Nancy Wang

    Wait LOL at 0:35 when the subs say 'That morning was very exciting'

    The audio is saying 'That medicine was very… (something)' and I wanted to hear the last word cos I didn't know what it meant LMAO – what did you say?

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