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  1. Kyle Bricky

    This is for us Emma x Mr. Knightley Shippers

    Emma notices Mr. Knightley coming: 09:00

    Emma comes into Mr. Knightley and Mr. Woodhouse's chatter: 09:54

    Emma, Mr. Knightley and Harriet: 20:26

    Mr. Knightley criticizes Emma's likeness drawing: 23:43

    Emma and Mr. Knightley argue: 28:14

    Emma and Mr. Knightley play with Emma's niece: 32:44

    Emma's Niece cries so the gang leave them alone: 33:33

    "I'm not prejudiced" scene: 36:50

    Piano Scene: 52:38

    Scenes leading up to the Duet: 1:00:17

    Emma and Mr. Knightley talk before their dance: 1:14:31

    Emma and Mr. Knightley dance: 1:16:08

    Mr. Knightley comes to profess his love for Emma: 1:19:24

    Poker Game: 1:23:26

    Artroom: 1:26:12

    Mr. Knightley scolding Emma on the Picnic: 1:33:28

    Mr. Knightley comes to find Emma: 1:44:08

    "aS A frIeNd" scene: 1:46:12

    Reading Scene: 1:52:27

    Screen: 1:53:23

    Short kiss by Emma: 1:54:31

    French Kiss by Mr. Knightley: 1:54:42

    Marriage + Ending: 1:55:17

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