48 Replies to “GLOBALink | Chinese mainland increases water supply to Taiwan to ease drought”

  1. Frankie Chiuh

    中国人要”以德服人”,能帮就帮!Chinese people always believe that “Convince people with virtue”, will help who needs it.

  2. K Wong

    This is an excellent example of close cooperation between two territories in time of human needs for survival. Water is the most basic of all human needs and this kind of assistance rendered must not be politicized, instead should present more opportunities for both sides to reconcile on many levels for mutual benefits.

  3. Mr terry seow

    100 ,years of the the BIRTHDAY OF THE CCP.

  4. Sue Forrest

    Lies, lies upon lies, there is not even a way to get a drop of water from China to Taiwan, except the clouds coming from the direction where China happens to be. China can lie about just everything, even the water and rain. It is absolutely amazing.

  5. loveofpeace

    Wake up, Taiwan stop prostitute and selling the future generation to Japanese mass rape and 8 nations alliance bully China's. Still CPC, China is still one and only will save and protect taiwan at all cost

  6. Raymond Yeo

    Yes China this is the way to go. Extend your help, cooperation, sharing, etc to win the hearts of people in Taiwan. Then reunification talks can be a future agenda, I look forward to the day when Taiwan and China can unite. How about setting up Giant Panda research centre in Taiwan. Take back Panda from US n give to Taiwan, take back from Britain n put in HK, take back from Canada and put in Xinjiang

  7. Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler

    If it was the US, they would stop supplying water, in order to "asphyxiate" their "enemy" (See Venezuela). The US doesn't worry about people. They only worry about their dirty politics and their absolute world dominance.

  8. Red Hooded Dude

    I heard Japan is giving out millions of metric tons of "Safe to drink" water for FREE! Taiwanese should get Japanese water instead of relying on the mainland, which they despise on a daily basis.

  9. Enrique Chua

    US why dont you send mineral water to kinmen like what you did with your american troops in afghanistan 😂😂😂 overpriced mineral water for us troops at $14 per bottle.

  10. Nawa Xings

    Mainland is looking after Taiwanese people, hopefully soon Taiwan will unite with mainland so that no foreign aggressors can try to destabilize China and create conflict between Chinese … also we are hoping Taiwanese will come to their sense of not voting the DPP in the next election …

  11. Pahat pahat

    Indeed, one may disagree in political issues but when the general public survival is concerned, this is the proper way to resolve it! Cheers!!!

  12. TzYi Jiang

    Kingmen is an island that belongs to China and is currently under the control of the Chinese Nationalist that fled to Taiwan in 1949. However, the majority of the residents of Kingmen are pro-communist.

  13. questworldmatrix

    China should construct a desalination plant in Taiwan if they don't have one already. The water table clearly can't support the population size and it needs time to heal and replenish itself. California needs its water table time to replenish itself too.

  14. Wardog Fights

    Biggest weakness, a soft soft soft heart.

    This will ultimately become China’s downfall.

    China needs a new leadership, first thing first, completely cut off Taiwan 🇹🇼 .

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