Land Rovers and Toyota's explore beautiful Taiwan beaches ❤️🇹🇼 美麗的台灣 Ep 166

This week’s video has us exploring again in the southern region of Taiwan in our Land Rover Defender and truck camper.

We explore the city of Hengchun, meet up with some friends for an epic camping trip in a very special location then follow that up with some offroad action on a stunning beach on the east coast.

This southern area of Taiwan is so far our favourite area we’ve explored.

Sparsely populated with loads of beautiful nature and wildlife.

Thank you kindly for watching the video we’ll catch you next week.

Stephy and Leigh

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37 Replies to “Land Rovers and Toyota's explore beautiful Taiwan beaches ❤️🇹🇼 美麗的台灣 Ep 166”

  1. Hendri Beukes

    THANKS! Absolutely LOVE your videos… checked for your new post a few times this week and now I'm happy. As a citizen of Taiwan, I must say you are truly doing justice to the Island and its People. Awesome Content indeed! Blessings & Please STAY SAFE!

  2. ML Off Road

    It is, how you say in ingrish, SPECTACULAR ! But seriously, wonderful videos with wonderful people. I wish that all cultures would feel comfortable telling each other that they love each other, with sincerity. Wonderful to see gift giving as a token of appreciation, something lost in a Western society. Will you be able to leave Asian hospitality?

  3. Brad Altemeyer

    nice day!, my wife and I were at that southernmost point on our 2018 around Island trip (rented a scooter for a couple of days), very nice part of Taiwan and surf spot.

  4. Justin Sheppard

    Spectacular episode. Stephie is doing a superb job producing these videos. Come along way from your humble beginnings. Well done guys. Taiwan is amazing.

  5. Steve Chen

    Learned something new! Never thought lowering tire pressure would do the trick. Not that I’ll be going off-road in my MDX 😎 Loving your Taiwan videos, making me homesick.

  6. Gillian DEARLE

    What a beauty. Loved this video so much, music great too. Taiwan has so much to offer, you are sooo lucky to be experiencing all of this with such hospitable people. Love to you both 🥰😍❤️

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