I Cooked Taiwanese Food For My Taiwanese Neighbors and They LOVED It

This one was scary for me. I’m a bit shy to speak Chinese because it isn’t very good, let alone try and cook local food and serve it. Will my neighbours enjoy my food? Find out here! Also don’t forget to comment what I should cook for them next!

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21 Replies to “I Cooked Taiwanese Food For My Taiwanese Neighbors and They LOVED It”

  1. Bellblue T

    Well done, Prozzie! That was a very very good start! Give yourself some credit (I don't own a wok either and have never used冰糖)! You can also tell they genuinely enjoyed the dish!

  2. Chris Lee

    Of course, first off, spice up with cooking wine, soy sauce, anise, garlic and peppers, several small chunks of crystal sugar, etc.

    Then, you should have it covered and cooked in lower medium temperature for at least 20 minutes, to ensure all the ingredients and flavors absorbed into the pork, then uncovered & turn to high temperature to quickly dry out excessive water before it’s done.

    Watch cooking videos for 紅燒肉,after this you may want to try 東坡肉 and 魯肉飯 (very easy, success guaranteed!)

  3. Proclaimor

    There is a popular fluffy Japanese cheesecake that you can eat with your hands that looks like it has the consistency of a pound cake yet melts in your mouth “like eating a cloud.”
    That would be a really cool recipe to get right even if it is not Taiwanese per se.

  4. stephanie hung

    Hahahaha, the song, hong-shao-ro, plz don't burn away.

    Next dish, you could try soup or san-bay chicken (san-bay = 3杯 = 3 cups = 1 cup rice wine + 1 cup sesame oil + 1 cup soybean oil)

  5. Laurel SD

    The pork looks delicious. Your kind intention to cook for your neighbors is priceless. I am sure they appreciate your effort. The next dish you can try is 滷肉飯:)

  6. Cujo

    For people who always say that it taste good, don't ask if it's good, instead ask how it could be improved. If they don't stop offering advice on how it could be improved, then you know what you made ain't good. Then listen to the advice and learn from it.

    It also wouldn't surprise me if every family has their own twist on a traditional meal. So that advice would be their little quirk that they put on the meal. It might make for an interesting conversation!

  7. Bunny112706

    It looks so good and making me wanna to try. Why don’t you make a whole pod and let more people to try out on a public park or something? It could be be a interesting vlog

  8. Mak The Turd?

    suggest to get the aromatic (anise and cinnamon) fried first, then fried the pork belly, should've cut smaller. Sweat and fried the pork, then add your soysauce and other ingredients.

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