Taiwanese Street Food Taiyuan Night Market 2021 / 太原夜市大合集

Taiwanese Street Food Taiyuan Night Market 2021 / 太原夜市大合集
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**Location information**

Taiyuan Night Market in Taichung which is a city in central of Taiwan
**Location information**

Food featured in this video from the street stalls of Taiyuan Night Market

1.Plum-shaped Taiwanese meatball
2.Fried Giant River Shrimp
3.Pork Sausage
4.Sugarcane Juice
5.Fried Mega Qyster & Shrimp Dumpling
6.Rotating Barbecue
7.Salty Chicken
8.Spicy Stinky Tofu,Spicy Duck Blood
9.Braised Dishes
10.Fresh Fruits Cutting-Cantaloupe
11.Crepe Pancake
12.FengRen Shaved Ice
13.Fried Noodles / Fried Rice
14.Taiwanese Pastry(ox-tongue pastry)

I’ll share what I’ve seen and tasted with you, such as street food,fried rice,seafood,night market,cooking skills,asian food,chinese food and so on.
Look forward to bringing you the feast for the senses of palates through every video clip.

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