The Champagne Gang

The Champagne Gang is an exciting action-packed drama about four beautiful California beach girls who pull heists to pay for luxury items and surfing vacations to Mexico and Hawaii. Clad in fitted cat suits and netting millions in cash, the cops are clueless to the identity of the gang as their cleverly executed late night store break-ins spread throughout San Diego. Soon greed threatens the champagne-popping all-girl crew’s freedom and friendship. As the investigating cops close in, how long will their criminal escapades continue to pay off for these lovely vixens? Featuring hit music by Platinum Recording Artist DOMINO. Also featured, DEVIL DOLL, REIGN KINGS, and, the award-winning song, “Liberte” by HAVOC RAZOR.

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47 Replies to “The Champagne Gang”

  1. Hank THE Patriot

    Actually a REALLY GOOD MOVIE!!!

    Yeah the acting is a bit campy, but that's actually part of it's charm!

    Such a great script and pacing is really great!

    Fun, and had me rooting for the Champagne Gang!

  2. Eddie Sandoval

    Yeah…the girls were fun. Except still stupid to buy expensive stuff because IRS flags those items over $5000. You would still need a job to account for a fast growing savings then buy property & homes with what you earned. And pay hired help with cash from what you steal to fix-up the property and claim you did all the work in those homes yourself. Buy expendables like food, lower cost clothing, run around gas, stuff around the house, so that you can bank more of your earned salary to use for your growing investments. And go to school to learn how to invest what you steal. I always thought that big drug dealers who have tons of ca$h should have have secret tunnels and fortified structures that look like normal homes but fortified so that they have plenty of time to escape and once the police can finally get inside they still have to search and find the secret escape routes and tunnels that are sealed-off but open to dummy routes to full the police. Drug smugglers can move only at night with a person riding shot gun that would man a remote control tube designed to work even if it flips over so that if stopped the co-pilot riding shot gun can drop the tube and drive it down the road and away from their vehicle to be picked-up later. And have different cars to change. Or use air canons to fire a drug cargo that can fly or hover away from the vehicle and have blinding spot lights on the rear to blind the cops as you fire off the tube of contraband. And have dummy remote control toys to as covers in the car to account for having the controls.

  3. Prince Eliyah Dan Israel

    did some research on the champange gang. director took creative license. in actuality it was a group of men from ottawa. still good entertainment.

  4. Larry Loveless

    This movie is very funny yet very believable. A friend of a friend had his billfold pick pocketed including his passport on a Paris metro train when he was bumped into by a young attractive blonde French girl from the front. There was also a blonde girl behind him that apparently stole his billforld at that same moment. He did not realize until he got off the train his billfold was missing, and then it all made sense to him when it had to have occurred. It was all about distraction.

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