Travel to Taiwan's Colourful City, Taichung 🎨🇹🇼 [加拿大女孩愛上彩虹台中]

Exploring Taichung, Taiwan for the first time & fall in love with the city’s vibrant personality!

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Culture Shock in Taiwan (life in Japan to Taiwan) 🇹🇼🇯🇵 [加拿大人🇨🇦住日本8年後,搬到台灣的文化衝擊]

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37 Replies to “Travel to Taiwan's Colourful City, Taichung 🎨🇹🇼 [加拿大女孩愛上彩虹台中]”

  1. LayersOf_Jenn

    [打開CC有中文字幕] This is day 01 in Taichung. Stay tuned for day 02 !! I break down what I spent at the end of the video so you can judge whether it's a trip you want to take or not. THANK YOU for watching ❤️
    IG: @t​

  2. Cozmicsuga

    Totally unrelated but wanted to ask if you have heard about communicating with your cat through speech buttons!?
    Check out BilliSpeaks on here to see just that. 😀

  3. TheSanarossOne

    After watching your videos and doing a bit of research, Taiwan is at the top of my places to visit now. It is incredibly cheap for all the amazing things it has to offer! Thanks for the tips and breakdown of prices (Euro here).

  4. Brad Altemeyer

    Nice to include the budget information (my BBA is in Finance) Trips can be on many levels of budget, and it is nice to go somewhere and do something and the budget doesn't have to limit anyone (much) You can have a high, medium, or low budget and still do amazing things.

  5. Juju Allsorts

    Hey Jenn, the editing of this video is perfection! I was born in Taiwan but moved to Australia after primary school. I've felt so detached from what I used to call home. Your videos are making me so excited to explore it when I eventually get to return. Keep up the amazing work 😍

  6. TheFrigid

    It's so gorgeous! I wish we had such cafe's over here. Since you're not working now, is youtube giving you enough to go to these places? I hope so because you deserve it!

  7. Chen Grace

    You must be very welcomed in Taiwan. Your numbers of subscribers and viewers increased dramatically in such a short time after you moved to Taiwan!!! Congrats 🎉🎈🍾🎊

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