Qingtiangang Yangmingshan Taipei Taiwan Travel Vlog || 擎天崗草原 陽明山 水牛 日本人在台灣 || 台北 台湾 新婚夫婦の週末

Hi! I’m Nami:) We are a Japanese couple living in Taipei. This is how my husband and I spend the weekend here. We went to Qingtiangang, Yangmingshan to see the wild buffaloes and to enjoy nature. We got to see a buffalo very up close unexpectedly which was very exciting:) I love Qingtiangang for its unique fluffy landscape. The term “fluffy” is the perfect term to describe its landscape and it’s adorable! If you don’t know what I mean please watch this video. I’m sure you will too fall in love with its fluffiness!

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11 Replies to “Qingtiangang Yangmingshan Taipei Taiwan Travel Vlog || 擎天崗草原 陽明山 水牛 日本人在台灣 || 台北 台湾 新婚夫婦の週末”

  1. Joy Wang

    You’re as cute as those water buffaloes and fluffy wild grass~~
    It’s so nice to see the two of you enjoying a good quality time together like this❤️❤️
    (the head band and blue sunglasses are so cool~~)

  2. eightbighillman

    They're water buffalo, the most important livestock of Taiwan's farmer since the Dutch brought them from Indonesia in the 17th century. They're abandoned when the farmers changed to use modern cultivator. Yangmingshan is a really bad habitation for water buffalo, some of them died by the cause of malnutrition.

  3. DaoMing Wang

    謝謝你們來台灣玩 台灣很多好山好水!未來你們回日本的話也要注意安全 現在疫情還是很嚴重 等之後開放出國後我也想去日本:)

  4. Shaun Hzz


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