Taiwan 2018

Travelled to Taiwan in 2018 with my husband from Mar 31 to Apr 5.
Stayed at Green World Hotel which is super close to Ximending Station (just outside our hotel!).

Taiwan is such a pure country. I love their food so much. I kinda regret not being able to understand them well because of my poor chinese language skills! I wished I studied and conversed more with my chinese teachers during highschool. Boohoo.

My favorite was obviously the food. Especially the meat – cut in square, I forgot the name, but it’s so tender. Noms noms! I also love their Taro balls dessert. Yum!

This video was actually my first ever edit, I didnt upload it at the time because I got so scared to be criticized. Talk about people (sometimes friends) who love giving unnecessary opinions just to uplift their own ego.

Decided to upload this today, because I want to be reminded of the memories and the places I’ve been to. Also wanted to show this to Prim in the future! ^-^

Xiexie, ni men!

Music: No Drama Queen – Grouplove

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