Giant Scallop PASTRY HAT!! 🥖 27 Year Old Chef Cooks FRENCH FOOD in a Warehouse!!

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🥖 อยากทำแต่ไม่อยากกิน by Chef Big:

With a restaurant name like “I want to cook, but I don’t want to eat (อยากทำแต่ไม่อยากกิน),” you know you’re in for a unique eating experience. And then you arrive, and to get there you have to maze your way through the backstreets of Bangkok through a very industrial warehouse area. Even when you arrive, you’re not sure if you’re in the right place. #FrenchFood #Bangkok #อยากทำแต่ไม่อยากกิน

Thanks to my friend iTan ( for getting us a reservation, which happens to be one of the hottest restaurants in Bangkok – fully booked for months in advance. Chef Big cooks gourmet and traditional French food from his house, which is his parents’ print shop warehouse. He has a seriously cool story, led by passion, a desire to do what he loved to do despite his family wanting him to choose another direction.

I asked Chef Big if he ever thought about cooking Thai food or another type of cuisine, and he said that as soon as he started learning about French food and cooking techniques, he was in love and he knew this is exactly the food he loved the most and the cooking. There are rules for almost everything he mentioned, and you can tweak things to your liking, but the methods are so well in place. Chef Big spent time learning and cooking in Switzerland before returning home to Thailand to start his own restaurant which is literally in their home on the top of their family print shop warehouse.

This Bangkok restaurant is a Chef’s Table style dining experience, where Chef Big, his brother, and their team, assemble a set meal of gourmet French food and serve course by course.

The food was spectacular, one of the most memorable French meals I’ve had. I especially loved the exploding pastry soup, and the Beef Wellington.

Truly an amazing French meal and entire experience in the heart of industrial Bangkok, Thailand!

🥖 Here’s the restaurant: อยากทำแต่ไม่อยากกิน by Chef Big:



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48 Replies to “Giant Scallop PASTRY HAT!! 🥖 27 Year Old Chef Cooks FRENCH FOOD in a Warehouse!!”

  1. Sana Style

    یا رب ہمیں ماہ صیام کی برکتوں سے مالا مال کر دے۔ ہمارے بیماروں کو شفا یاب کردے۔ میری دعا اچھی لگے توچینل سبسکراب کردیں,,,

  2. Gunther G.G.

    I am a huge fan of your episodes, love watching, subscribe ones, canceled for the reason of: you such an attractive, likeable person, awesome video footages, presentation…. and so on, love it describes the process of cooking very well in the film footage, love love love…..however you are eating like a pick… do not show any respect to the affords of the chefs, especially in this French cuisine episode, very bad, get some manners on how to eat and show table manners to the chef and than I will give you a thumbs up and subscribe and support you.

  3. Left Island

    The world: There should never be a wonderful french restaurant in someone's house on top of a print shop.

    Kid from Bangkok: Hold my drink.

  4. Shell Goodall

    Hi mark ying and mica , I love your videos, started watching you and your lovely family over a year ago when my life was turned upside down.
    My mam had pancreatic cancer then covid hit us all,
    I stayed up all night watching your every episode.
    Quit quickly got my two daughters and my husband watching your beautiful family travelling.
    I think you did my mental health good at the worst time of my life.
    I wish you and your gawguss family so much love and thank you for helping me ,
    Shell goodall
    Mika is so cute, loved hearing him in the background so happy xxx❤❤❤


    Love Love Thailand Bankkok Delicious Food Good atmos😊😊😊🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🥩🥓🍞🧈🥇👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. Cook with Haseeba

    I am a huge fan of u sir ❤you are one of those youtubers who inspired me to start my on channel …of course not experienced like u but trying my best sir thank u for motivating us

  7. gypsygirl731

    The soup looks amazing. My fav part. Beautiful. Perfect beef Wellington.I make soups my specialty and wondered what the base was. Of course I eat when I watch this or before never on an empty stomach do I watch videos of yours.👍

  8. Karleen Wilson

    i have so many questions and concerns? but where is the health dept, in these countries? i mean if this is in us we would NEVER BE ABLE to have a rest like this , a lot of your videos are great but concerning health wise, you are most times in a filthy environment! and are there and regulations to having food establishments in this country?

  9. Perwira Negara

    Hello Mark. Maybe it's just me, but i still very much prefer your random style intros at the start of your older videos.

    Although they were probably less exciting and enthusiastic but somehow they looked and sound more natural. And u looked calmer back then. Sometimes, less is more. But still i admire your channel and will continue to support in the best way i can. Thanks so much for all exciting videos u made and shared. Keep it up.

  10. Lupe Chacon-Florez

    Greetings from NYC Mark. Your blogs are absolutely fascinating well done and just so uplifting. I understand your job is to blog about food. I'm just curious who pays your salary? If that's not too forward.

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