TRIPREPORT | EVA Air (BUSINESS) | Taipei Taoyuan – Vienna | Boeing 777-300ER

Sleeping in a comfy full-flat bed in complimentary pyjamas, that’s EVA Air! Their socalled Royal Laurel Class comes closer to a First Class product than a Business Class…



Airline: EVA Air
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: B-16738
Flight Time: 13h 00min
Seat: 9A
From: Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan
To: Vienna Schwechat
Date: August 2018

Cameras used: Canon G7X Mark II
Additional equipment used: Joby Bendipod

Total Price: Ticket provided for free by EVA Air
Total Routing: VIE-TPE-VIE
Booked through: EVA Air Vienna Office
Cost includes: Premium Economy Class Ticket on VIE-TPE and Business Class Ticket on TPE-VIE
Booking made: April 2018

00:00 – Getting to the airport
01:08 – Taoyuan Airport
01:55 – EVA Air Business Class Lounge
06:06 – Boarding
07:34 – Cabin and Seat
09:45 – Taxi and Take Off
11:15 – Amenity Kit
12:55 – Dinner Service
15:16 – Self-Service Snack Bar
15:46 – Inflight
17:05 – Breakfast Service
18:38 – Approach and Landing
20:25 – Deboarding
20:49 – Vienna Airport

The tickets for this trip were provided by EVA Air. All opinions expressed are our own and EVA Air did not pre-view or approve this video.



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41 Replies to “TRIPREPORT | EVA Air (BUSINESS) | Taipei Taoyuan – Vienna | Boeing 777-300ER”

  1. UrGuide 喬哥專業伴遊JONY小叔叔

    I really love the statement , “I don’t wanna waste my time sleeping… I want to stay awake and savor it!”❤️❤️❤️ 😀

  2. UrGuide 喬哥專業伴遊JONY小叔叔

    I’m really envious and you did do a great job on the introduction of the business class… and I’m really dying for flying again!

  3. Stephen Raatz

    I hate it when you touch everything and take nothing. You went through and touched everything in the snack basket, the bathroom, etc. It’s disgusting,? Were your hands clean?

  4. TheGamerBikerGuy2009

    WOW!!!!!! I love every airline's first/royal class. I love their food, lounges, their stuff, and the flight crew. Too bad my mom cant afford it. Never stop traveling!!

  5. Markus Schult

    WOOW!! A cabin-ceiling full of stars during their red-eye flights. Never before I,ve really saw that actually any airline still use this very special soothing feature. But the overal EVA AIR Service, incl. your own personal amnety-kit, your pyjama and certainly the food looking soo yummy. But of course I know you don,t travelled ECONOMY this night. But I see. EVA AIR sounds to be a very, very good airline with a very high customer-service level..

  6. ChunChun

    I must say, EVA Air is wayyyyy better than than its competitor, China Airlines. The service difference is more pronounced when you are flying long-haul. If anyone has tried to call the call centres of both airlines, you would know what I mean.

  7. Plaines_LV

    I sometimes fly economy from LAX to TPE, and let me tell you, the economy experience was better than American! (although I’ll say that American was good too) I definitely recommend EVA Air. You should try them from LAX to TPE in economy, premium economy, business class, or royal laurel class! 🙂

  8. Neil Coram

    I didn't see you try any wine or champagne during the flight thats a real shame also a lot of times i struggled to read words because of light background personally I prefer when bloggers talk like Paul Lucas or san san spotter

  9. ggfps

    and I though turkish airlines is the best until I saw this. I found out today that as soon as COVID-19 clears I am going to fly business class EVA air 777.

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