How The World Can Learn From Taiwan Against COVID-19 🇹🇼 這一年來台灣值得讓世界學習的地方

After 1 year of COVID-19, we take a look at Taiwan’s achievements in battle against COVID-19. Taiwan has been sharing it’s knowledge and resources to the rest of the world to combat the current pandemic and also to prevent the future ones but how come Taiwan isn’t included in the World Health Assembly or the World Health Organization? (WHA & WHO).



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29 Replies to “How The World Can Learn From Taiwan Against COVID-19 🇹🇼 這一年來台灣值得讓世界學習的地方”

  1. God is great- America is great

    ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China".

  2. princessfiona

    Thank you for speaking out about Taiwan, it feels really good to be acknowledged. I am super grateful to be living here, but I also really hope that other countries can recover from this intense COVID crisis soon.

  3. ホンダジンゼ


  4. Shadow Enlightened

    I can only speak on Canada's situation since I live here currently.
    I do not believe having Taiwan in WHO/WHA will change much for Canada because…
    1. When asked about travel ban last March, Ontario health officer declined the notion of travel ban, saying there was no solid evidence to prove travel ban works. This is AFTER WHO declared covid19 a global pandemic. Now Ontario has the worst covid situation in all of Canada.
    2. Masks was not required to be worn much later after March 2020. People were asked to keep social distances and to wash hands frequently only. Even when Japan and Sourh Korea are all wearing mask religiously. They are both in WHO/WHA.
    3. Paid sick days are still not available to all workers. For lower income families, being at workplace is the ONLY way of income.
    4. Lock down and quarantine are initiated, but penalties for their violations are almost non-existance.
    Above are few but not all the reasons why even if Taiwan is in WHO/WHA, covid situation in Canada will not change much.

  5. Chi Huang

    回歸到一個簡單的問題要錢還是要命? 要錢跟著中國走 要命跟著台灣走, 可惜一年的時間過去了要錢的人明顯的比要命的人來的還要多,這就是2020年的結語。

  6. 游惠曲


  7. David Chen


  8. David Chen


  9. 柱子


  10. 月風


  11. Neth


  12. David Lee

    Thank you for sharing & telling the world the truth!!
    Taiwan is a really small country as you all know but still helping other countries.
    And YES! Taiwan will make different if join WHO / WHA for sure!
    That’s no doubt.
    I need to say, Taiwan spread love n kindness.
    How about china?

  13. S.L Huang

    其實這些虛偽的支持台灣參與WHA的國家,都只是因為自身難保, 想要隨便抓一條救命蜘蛛絲而已, 疫情過後又會把台灣踢開, 台灣人最後還是只能相信自己。

  14. The Bootes Void

    Very good vid, Grace and Victor. Taiwan started premature COVID-containment measures as early as Dec 31, 2019, when China was still silencing doctors. It was because the Taiwanese gov (excluding pro-Beijing KMTers) knew there must have been something more behind what China hid and told. During the 2003 SARS outbreak, Taiwan, excluded from the WHO as it is today, needed info on the SARS virus strain and asked help from a Hong Kong university, which said yes first. But the move was then stopped by Beijing. Taiwan lacked necessary info on the China-originated disease, leaving more than 70 Taiwanese people killed and hundreds infected. A Taiwanese nurse then infected still has ageusia (taste loss) today. Interestingly, when a WHO team visited Beijing to investigate the SARS virus, China had sent all of its patients to a bus, which would make a detour around the China's capital to intentionally prevent them from being investigated by the WHO experts. Similarly, as of 2021, China still forbids foreign journalists from visiting the bat cove in Yunnan, on which Chinese scientists did research to know more about how to more efficiently infect human lungs with corona virus found in the cove bats. The place is believed by many to be the real origin of the COVID-19 corona virus rather than the Wuhan P4 lab. The theory of both SARS and COVID-19 being bioweapons invented by China is very convincing if you know how and why the Chinese Communist Party hides facts. CCP-hidden info, such as the 1989 Tienanmen Massacre, is usually (if not always) true. (Most Chinese people in China today do not even know the director of Nomadland won the 2021 Oscar for the best director because of the CCP censorship). Some Chinese people are great, but never trust the Chinese gov, i.e. the CCP. And Taiwan (again except for those pro-China KMT supporters) knows this very well. That's the key to its success containing the Wuhan pneumonia virus aka COVID-19.

  15. popcorn oops

    超強耶 怎麼那麼高質感!!! 看你們的影片都很享受 因為有內容、有質感!看得出來很用心!!
    我覺得WHO WHA若再忽視台灣的重要性 那真的很可笑 !!台灣當然要加入啊 防疫功不可沒沒錯

  16. Dylan


  17. 自由自在

    珍惜生命 遠離中國 2020的總統選舉大部分的台灣人做到了 才會有接下來防疫的好表現
    經過一年多來的疫情後 大部分民主國家終於看清了中國真面目

  18. Eric C Huang

    Taiwan should be part of the WHO. Taiwan is a sovereign, independent state, not a renegade province nor a part of anything having to do with the authoritarian People's Republic of China. All like-minded, Western-style, democratic countries in the world must stand in against this blasphemy of Taiwan's exclusion from the world stage. Sincerely, a proud American-born Taiwanese 🇺🇸🇹🇼

  19. 老汪

    我按讚!. 但個人認為有很多疏忽掉的地方. 所以口罩. 消毒水還是不能鬆懈. …

  20. Hsieh謝


  21. Joe

    Another great video. Was really awesome to meet you both today at XiMenDing. I almost decided to not interrupt your shopping, but I’m glad I said “hi”. Thanks for being so friendly to your subscribers! Wish you both every success in the future and always look forward to your videos.


    經過一整年的covid 19全球性的肆虐之後,台灣以強大的正面能量,單獨砌立於世界性災難之外,成為名符其實的角落生物。

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