Taiwanese Street Food Ningxia Night Market 2021 / 寧夏夜市大集合

Taiwanese Street Food Ningxia Night Market 2021 / 寧夏夜市大集合
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Ningxia Night Market in Taipei which is a city in North of Taiwan
**Location information**

Food featured in this video from the street stalls of Ningxia Night Market

1.Colorful sweet potato balls
2.Squid Noodles
3.Fried Rice Sausage & Sausage
4.Egg and Shrimp Soup
5.Tomato with Ginger Sauce
6.Fried Squid Thick soup,Fried Rice Noodles
7.Boiled Mochi (peanut,sesame)
8.Fried Squid
9.Scallion Pancake with Fried noodles
10.Fried Bread with Salad
11.Aiyu Jelly with Tapioca Ball
12.Oyster Omelet & Oyster Soup
13.Egg Yolk Taro Balls & Taro Balls
14.Roasted King Oyster Mushroom
15.Duck Eggs & Pork Thick Soup

I’ll share what I’ve seen and tasted with you, such as street food,fried rice,seafood,night market,cooking skills,asian food,chinese food and so on.
Look forward to bringing you the feast for the senses of palates through every video clip.

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40 Replies to “Taiwanese Street Food Ningxia Night Market 2021 / 寧夏夜市大集合”

  1. Kiss From The World

    Street food represents the pride of belonging to a Nation. Street food is history, culture, tradition of a Nation. Cate, you had a fabulous food tour, full of flavors, colors and… hands that have wisely prepared the best traditional taiwanese street food. Cheers, Domenico.

  2. Andini Ramadhaniasari

    I came here to appreciate your audio and camera quality, how you actually buy the foods you're filming, and you shows us the full making of the food. Thank you for the video! <3

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