Keelung, Taiwan Budget Travel Vlog & A Fairy Cave 🇹🇼🧚‍♀️ [台灣基隆旅遊及想起加拿大]

Keelung, Taiwan really surprised me and left a deep impression on this Canadian girls heart ❤️
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21 Replies to “Keelung, Taiwan Budget Travel Vlog & A Fairy Cave 🇹🇼🧚‍♀️ [台灣基隆旅遊及想起加拿大]”

  1. LayersOf_Jenn

    請按關閉字幕按鈕進行繁體中文翻譯 (CC)
    I hope you enjoy this longer episode showcasing Keelung Taiwan 🇹🇼
    Don't forget to check out my friends as well (linked in description box)

    much love ❤️

  2. ssky chang

    So many places I’ve never been, so beautiful, I’m going to plan a trip to 基隆😁, and may I know the last two songs in your video? Love it!

  3. 天河妮妮


  4. Betty Chang

    Hello, Jenn. I love your videos. I went to Keelung before, it was really fantastic. Did you go to Tainan before? I am from Tainan, but I live in Taichung now. If you want to go to some great places in Tainan, I will send messages to you. By the way, last time, Attermaxel who is ABCD English Youtuber sends messages to you. We work together. Hope we can collaborate to take a video with you someday if you are free. We want to invite you to talk about traveling videos, so if you want to collaborate together, please let us know. Hope you enjoy traveling in Taiwan. This is our ABCD English channel

  5. Brad Altemeyer

    nice visit, my wife and I stopped by Keelung in 2018, we stayed at a little hotel I think it was East Coast Hotel, it was over near the cruise ship docking, but I had checked out several small hotels in the area online prior to the trip since we traveled without reservations, and just walked up to the front desk each time to ask for a room. The perception of "expensive" versus not, is simply proportional to how much money is in your pocket at the time.I do enjoy visiting Taiwan now, with a better budget and not needing to look for or chase down the absolute best deal or least expensive paths. Travel can be accomplished on many levels of budgets, so hopefully all of your viewers will get out there and travel at times.

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