This Mansion Survived WAR & Now It's A Bed n' Breakfast 🇹🇼 Taiwan & Kinmen Island Travel Vlog

Built in 1916, this mansion on Kinmen Island is one of very few Western-Style Buildings people can visit or stay in as the majority of other have been abandoned and left in ruin due to the Chinese Civil War.

Preserved by the local government, the sweetest family lives here and runs it, making the best of their visitors stays and they travel Taiwan and Kinmen Island.

In this Taiwan VLOG we’ll visit Beishan Village, the Quemoy B&B, and meet a few interesting people that live here 🙂

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Thanks so Kinmen Travel for Collaborating with me on this video — it was wonderful to have such an experience in Kinmen and share a unique place.

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19 Replies to “This Mansion Survived WAR & Now It's A Bed n' Breakfast 🇹🇼 Taiwan & Kinmen Island Travel Vlog”

  1. bgg bbdg

    Prey for the dead in battle of Guningtou. Without them, we would not be enjoying modern day Taiwan. Without Taiwan, Chinese culture would be shadowed by the communist hooliganism.

  2. Daniinotabi

    Ah I would love to come here with my boyfriend! The village looks lovely and the architecture is stunning! One of your best videos so far and the editing was so good!

  3. D Junior

    Kayla, real talk. Do you not find it lonely in Kinmen? It seems so small, with so few other expats, that I would think that if you're not entirely fluent in mandarin then it's difficult to make connections, no?

  4. Tamestrella

    Loved this video, makes me want to leave everything behind and come to this BnB! I love Toby! Great side character for the story haha also, great editing!!! so flowy and high quality

  5. LayersOf_Jenn

    Ok maybe this is an odd comment but.. I LOVEEEE how there is a lot of orange-ish bricks all over the city and the colour of the roofs.

    The b&b seemed really cosy!! Wonder if it would be a good place to stay at while also trying to see the “tear drops” in the ocean which I heard you can see off Kinmen Islands 👀

  6. Chuck Huang

    Everything is authentic, the house, the bed, the view and scenery, especially the breakfast! Having a good night sleep is like fully recharged with power and ready to embrace another beautiful day.

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