Visiting Jiufen Old Street, and taking the train from Taipei to Ruifang train station, was easier than expected. But is Juifen worth visiting in 2018? ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

Jiufen village is just a train ride away from Taipei Taiwan – but is it worth the travel? To get there we needed to catch the train to Ruifang station first, then grab a taxi to Jiufen old street. Pretty cheap and easy to do in the end.

The old street and streets are cool, it’s interesting to see a different side to Taipei and Taiwan, but definitely watch the video to get our opinion on if you should bother with the travel from Taipei to Juifen in 2018.

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37 Replies to “TOURIST TRAP!? JUIFEN TRAIN FROM TAIPEI TO RUIFANG STATION | Taiwan Travel Vlog 117, 2018”

  1. Wen-Ya Chen

    Great video! The weather is good, you are so lucky. I visited Jiufen on the beginning of 2019. It was raining all day. How luck I was that I took shuttle bus, so it was more convenient. If people who want to take shuttle bus to Jiufen, I suggest this one

  2. Emilia C

    It's not a bad thing if your video drives some tourists away from Jiufen. Lol. I visited Jiufen long before Spirited Away was made. It's a place full of culture and history. The small mountain town feel is also very different from other parts of Taiwan. I enjoyed the food and the old street when I visited there years ago. It's so much more crowded and touristy now based on all the YT videos, not the same as it used to be.

  3. James Terry

    Hi Daneger and Stacey – I have totally enjoyed the whole series on your Taiwan stay. I was stationed there for 15 months with the US Army Security Agency back in 1965 thru '66. If I had the time to describe what Taiwan was like back then, you would be blown away. It's hard for me to wrap my head around how much it has changed!! – From there I went to Vietnam and was there in '67 & '68. Spent my last six months there with the Aussies & Kiwi's at a place called ' Nui Dat '. Will check to see if you have been there and watch any thing you have from there too. Thanks for the great video's you produce…… CUL …….Jim

  4. Kayung Caleb Lai

    did you not go all the way down to the end of the old street 😀 that's where the highlight is at. People go there for the end section of the street because that's where the popular Japanese movie spirited away took inspiration from. All the cool stuff is at the end.

  5. briantravelman

    We went there on a Monday, but it was a long weekend, so it was also packed and claustrophobic. But once you got out of the narrow alleys it was quite pleasant. I actually enjoyed seeing all the food stalls, but I see what you mean about it a tourist trap. It kind of is. It had a few traditional buildings and temples, but that's it. Aside from that, it was basically a giant market. Jinguashi was better as it was more authentic.

  6. Joe A

    If you have at least a week Taiwan I suggest to get local sim card and take a bus to get around to feed your eyes. Google maps a good help it will give you option to take Busses and train and cost.

  7. sumirehana013

    I have the same sentiments about Jiufen. Been to Shilin and Raohe night markets, Yehliu Geopark, Maokong, Elephant Mountain, Houtong and Tamsui, and found Jiufen really underwhelming. The scenic view was nice and we stayed until the evening so we were able to see the many lanterns all lit up (sadly many stalls were already closing shop just when the place looked cooler). But we just didn't find Jiufen worth our long commute, especially the wait for the bus going back to Taipei at night.

    Maybe if our journey to and from Jiufen were more convenient, or if we stayed overnight, our experience at Jiufen would've been more pleasant.

  8. CNVideos

    Yeah, avoid the weekends!! When transiting in Ruifang, you should have left the train station and had dinner at Ruifang Food Street. It's a local food mini night/day market, off the beaten tourist track.

  9. Ben Curaza

    Currently Binge Watching I fell behind being current for your Channel. Great Content and Sharing your Travels. Yes, for me from California I would enjoy Australia and New Zealand Adventures. Happy Safe Travels 🙂

  10. Bruce Sung

    Most people in Taipei, especially the younger ones, can speak some English and are willing to help. So when you are unsure, instead of struggling to find you own ways, you can just ask people around you.

  11. decyjane

    When did you guys visit Jiufen? weather looks good. We we unlucky it was pouring and super cold and the weather was just miserable when we were there 🙁

  12. kidpanda091

    It is a bit overrated, but people do go for the scenery, not the just scenic view, but also because one of the most famous animated movies of all time Spirited Away has its setting based off of Jiufen, hence also a lot of Japanese tourists and its usually done as one of three stops for a day trip

  13. Richard Orr

    I think if you truly understand the history then you perhaps will enjoy your trip more. Gold museum is what I will recommend and within the complex you can also visit the Japanese shrine right on the top of the hill. Awesome view.

  14. Philip Ward

    As one of your Brit viewers I would definitely like to see you vlog from Oz and NZ – I'm sure you would make them as interesting and insightful as all of your Asian videos. I'd really like to see you vlog a winery tour in both places – I love the "cellar door" experience having done it in Hunter Valley and around Queenstown a few years ago.

  15. Jaz Mina

    Central Hawkes Bay beaches Kairakau, Mangakuri, Pourerere, Aramoana, Blackhead, Porangahau and Whangaehu. You might have to drive to unsealed roads to get to some of them but there are no crowds ! And don't forget the wineries too ! There is a small boutique winery limerock wines in Waipawa! Check out their website too!

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