Taiwan island hit by water shortages

Taiwan is hoping recent rainfall will finally bring an end to its worst drought in decades.
Changing climate in the western Pacific is believed to be the cause. It is a phenomenon that has implications for hi-tech companies worldwide, as Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride explains.
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38 Replies to “Taiwan island hit by water shortages”

  1. Elite Virus

    When in doubt pray to the water Goddess. Yes, that seems extremely reliable and fail proof. If my sarcasm isn't clear, that seems like a stupid idea that probably won't work

  2. God is great- America is great

    ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China"

  3. Ron Made

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  4. Emergen Site

    They gotta figure out how to use ocean water. We're surrounded by water we cannot use for consumption, but I hope we can at least filter it to use it for factory use.

  5. Andrew Williams

    Taiwan sadly isn't the only island suffering from water shortage last year wasn't comfortable place for parts of the Caribbean my home Trinidad and Tobago essentially implemented water rationing. Even though we are getting plenty of rain now Meteorologists are saying dry seasons are going to get dryer and the rainy season will become more unpredictable.
    Goodluck to Taiwan best thing island states can do is invest in Desalination Plants but not only is it expensive there are the environmental concerns.

  6. The Wishmaster

    Tsai spends all the money on outdated weapon purchases and now have problem with water shortages. I heard the Taiwanese people are addicted to pornhub. No more energy to work.

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