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Howdy Friends!!

This video is taken exactly a year and 9months from today, so it was the time when travelling is at peak.

I Divided The trip accordingg to days I spent in Taiwan.

Day 1: From Arrival Taoyuan AIRPORT in Taiwan and I included some panoramic shot of the plane take off and the clouds along the way. It was amazingly bright sky and it was a very smooth trip. After arriving in Taiwan international airport this video includes how I manage to find the Train Station that I needed to get to our Air bnb for 3 days before We explore the City.

First stop of course we can’t miss the chance of having a frappe in Starbucks as its known as the highest Starbucks in the world. I booked the sit in Starbucks earlier as it is required to do so or else you can’t get any sit or you can’t even get there. And as soon as we finished our quick break meal we spend an hour in that place just to enjoy the view and while waiting for the sunset as we wanted to have the night view of the city in the view deck of the Taipei 101.

I hope you will enjoy random photos and some videos that I put together to come up with this..

Thank you!!

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