Is Taiwan the next target after Hong Kong? "首先是香港,現在是台灣" – Belgian article

I’d like to give you an insight in how the Belgian media portrays the delicate situation involving mainland China and Taiwan.

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“Hong Kong is in
the pocket, now it’s time for Taiwan”
now that Hong Kong has been tamed,
Beijing is targeting autonomous Taiwan
this last bit of ‘free China’ is now
democratic, feminist and LGBTQ friendly
if Xi Jinping lives up to his
ambition, all this could be lost
at the end of March, 12 chinese jets and
4 bombers flew into Taiwanese airspace
this was China’s greatest
display of power in years
against the island that the Chinese
label as ‘a breakaway province’
tensions are mounting and China is also
deploying large numbers of non-military weapons
the country imports 90% of Taiwan’s pineapple
crops but closed the door overnight in early March
some bugs would have been found in one of
the boxes so there was a boycott from China
the pineapple fight is yet another attempt
to punish Taipei because it is not in line
in 2019, just before Tsai’s re-election, Beijing
banned Chinese citizens from traveling to Taiwan
Beijing has been hitting opponents
with trade boycotts for a long time now
through a social media campaign
for “freedom pineapple”,
Tsai got an extra 20 000 tons of pineapples
sold to her own population in four days
Tsai is pro autonomy and does not bow to Peking
countries like Japan and
Vietnam also supported the cause
by ordering additional stocks
of Taiwanese pineapples
Taiwan is rich and crucial in
high-tech production chains
it is a gateway to China but a
more friendly environment to work
the world bank ranks Taiwan twice as
high in business friendliness as China
Taiwan is also the largest supplier
of innovative computer chips
the Taiwanese, who are culturally and
politically far removed from China,
do not want such a reunification either
Taiwanese are proud to have peacefully dismantled
the KMT dictatorship since 1987, said Fell
democracy is very much alive there.
in China old men rule the party but Taiwan,
with 42% female parliamentarians, has more
gender equality than even the United Kingdom
China censors expressions of homosexuality
while Taiwan was the first in Asia
to legalize LGBTQ marriage in 2019.
Taiwan just won an award for pioneering
work in digital, transparent government,
while China watches over its citizens
China even punishes its corona whistleblowers
the regime doesn’t take accountability
for mistakes from the past
but rewrites history according
to the wishes of the party
that’s why Taiwanese are completely
content with their self-government
and don’t trust Beijing’s old
offer: “one country two systems”
we all saw how that went with Hong Kong…
a strong national feeling has emerged
only 28% of Taiwanese call
themselves both Chinese and Taiwanese
while 2/3 of the population
say they are only Taiwanese
barely 35% of the population still
viewed China in a positive light in 2019
the fact that people in Taiwan didn’t see China
in a very positive light has been going on
for a long time but it has actually gotten
worse after the Chinese repression in Hong Kong
US president Joe Biden and his team are convinced
that Xi is aiming for forced reunification
not in the distant future, but soon
we expect an invasion within six years, said
US admiral Philip Davidson on March 11th
two weeks later, his successor
John Aquilino spoke of
“aggression that will come faster”
and “new Chinese military capability”
just that week, the Philippines
warned of new Chinese bases
and 200 Chinese ships in the South China Sea
this part makes me worry,
because of course everybody knows
that China wants this reunification
but in my head it has always
been something on a long term
or maybe something that they
hope will happen naturally
but here in the article they really talk about…
China will probably try to
achieve this within six years
so that’s very soon
the article proceeds to explain that the
100th anniversary of the party this summer
or the anniversary of the Chinese army in 2027
are important symbolic moments that
might add pressure to the situation
the article ends with a
question and that question is:
isn’t the stability hungry party afraid
to destabilize an island of
23 million people so suddenly?
the party does not care about consequences
for Taiwanese or their economy
to gain control, she introduces
propaganda starting from kindergarten
the party has had the patience to
methodically eradicate a position
if necessary, during two generations, until
those who remembered freedom learn to keep silent

30 Replies to “Is Taiwan the next target after Hong Kong? "首先是香港,現在是台灣" – Belgian article”

  1. Charmless Charmander

    Please note that not everything written in this article is my personal opinion. 🙏 I wanted to translate this article to give you an insight in the Belgian media. I hope you will find it interesting! It took a lot of time to translate 😅 Thank you for watching ❤️

  2. GreaterBayArea Hero

    TBH why do you skip the history of Taiwan? Does Taiwan belong to China? It's like saying Hawaii is independent and should not be governed under the US. Taiwan should not have provoked China by working with the US. It's hard to say who is right or wrong. There are always 2 sides of the story. When you mention punish whistleblowers what about Snowden? Therefore you need to be impartial.

  3. 蔡佳


  4. 卯玉

    Pineapple 🍍
    Thank you for translating and introducing the news and opinions from Belgium.

    Thank you so care about and love Taiwan.

    Taiwanese love peace, and will protect our country, please standing with Taiwan.

  5. Shirly


  6. Shirly

    就是因為中共不要購買台灣鳳梨,造成世界各國人士搶購台灣鳳梨,現在的台灣鳳梨不但已經行銷到世界各地,而且還是大賣,所以台灣鳳梨不但沒有賣不出去,更讓世界各地都能吃到好吃的台灣鳳梨 !

  7. 陳艾利


  8. 時光旅行


  9. Random Name

    I would really question all the articles regarding China on Taiwan. Especially ones from America (which many articles worldwide are sourced from), since they have a vested interest in presenting China as an aggressor to be able to sell "defense" weapons to Japan, SK and Taiwan.
    As an American whose roots are from HK, I too believed all the anti-china rhetoric and propaganda until I started digging deeper. HK has prospered more in the last 20 years under chinese rule than before. We were led to believe that universal suffrage was in HK, when in fact it was the exact opposite. Under British rule, they appointed the governors to rule HK.
    The social credit score you are taking about exists but it does not work the way you described. It functions much like how the US credit score works, and was implemented to prevent fly by night companies from scamming unsuspecting customers.
    The US is basically is doing everything it can to smear China. They want to remain a sole superpower in the world and prevent China from overtaking them. They spread lies about covid, uighurs/muslims in xinjiang, espionage (which I'm sure happens but not to the degree that every chinese national student is a spy). They want to tarnish china's reputation on the world stage.
    I do believe China has a long term goal of reunification and if it happens, I do hope it will come to fruition peacefully.

  10. tiga2001

    Pineapple: hi, Charlotte. First of all, thanks for shining a light on how Belgian media views the ongoing China-Taiwan escalation. Second of all, I wanted to mention that I feel like the term reunite is quite China-centric in that it implies Taiwan had been governed under PRC once upon a time. Perhaps something like annex or even unite would be more appropriate. Just my two cents.

  11. al fong

    Hi, I am from Hong Kong where millions of folks from all over the world come to visit every year. I can tell you almost all of the things you quoted about Hong Kong is untrue. So, if you really want to tell people some facts about Hong Kong, just come visit Hong Kong first. I am sure you will then be able to say some honest and true things about Hong Kong and not just repeat all the fake news that you "translated " from the biased Western media. I am taking the time to tell you this as you come across to me as someone who is really wanting to be doing serious and professional reporting with accurate and true facts to your readers and viewers. Good Luck!

  12. 山下藤吉

    Im Japanese
    many japanesepeople think Taiwan is great country
    🇹🇼Taiwan is 🇹🇼Taiwan !
    not China🇨🇳
    freedompineappleis🍍 very sweet so yummy

  13. 李明浩

    Hope everyone in this world know what China is gonna do. Once they invade Taiwan successfully, the next will be Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam…or more countries.
    That's why Hong Kong is important for western countries to wrestle with CCP(Chinese Communist Party).

  14. mingchuan hsu


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