Taiwan to develop Muslim tourism market with friendly services

Taiwan’s tourism industry is now turns its gaze to the Muslim market in light of weaker Chinese arrivals. After direct flight services to Dubai started two years ago, some local hoteliers are getting ready to welcome Muslim guests with amenities catered to their needs along with Halal-certified restaurants. With a sign on the ground to indicate the direction of Mecca as well as Koran and prayer mats available, the hotel aims to provide a friendly environment for a growing number of Muslim guests.Beth TsaiHotel PR ExecutiveNow with direct flight services between Taipei and Dubai, the number of first-time Muslim visitors is increasing. We noticed steady growth of 3 to 5 percent in the past two years.To attract Muslim travelers to visit Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau made commercials featuring Muslim celebrities. Local hoteliers came up with exclusive promotions and set up a special area in the kitchen in order to be recognized as “Muslim-friendly.”In 2014, the number of Muslim travelers around the world reached 108 million accounting for a travel segment worth US$145 bn. But only 1.2 million Muslim travelers came to Taiwan last year, just 2 percent of this larger market which could create many opportunities for Taiwan’s tourism industry.

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