COVID Alerts | Taiwan Explained, May 13, 2021 | Taiwan Insider on RTI

[We’re at Level 2!]

Health officials raised Taiwan’s COVID alert to Level 2 this week after a spike in local cases. In today’s Taiwan Explained, find out what that entails, and what it takes to order a lockdown!

Taiwan’s four COVID-19 alert levels and how they affect you (Focus Taiwan):

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9 Replies to “COVID Alerts | Taiwan Explained, May 13, 2021 | Taiwan Insider on RTI”

  1. John Sammarco

    Taiwan really learned nothing. The Island population should have gotten the COVID Vaccines. It was inevitable that the virus would spread to Taiwan sooner or later. The best interests for the Island & the Chinese/Taiwanese people is to join the Island with Mainland China. Mainland China would rebuild this deteriorated Chinese island & provide many good paying jobs. Better go in peace instead of a takeover by the Mainland. America will not protect Taiwan in the long run.

  2. robert toodie

    thanks for the explanation…this 5 level (some use 5 colors) alerts…have been used by governments around the world to lockdown their citizens..destroy small businesses…to bring in forced "jabs" in the a rms…to bring in track and tracing…it is a pre planned agenda by the WHO (Communists)…its not for your "health" or "safety" but bringing in their "great reset" their "new normal" …take the mask off and you go back to normal…if you keep obeying they move you to the next level

  3. God is great- America is great

    how arrogant that is taiwan province of China bragging about very good at controlling Covid 19 infections, now the international community should know the impotent arrogance of the present DPP government.

    ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China"

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