One Day In TAIPEI, TAIWAN | This City Is Fascinating!

Exploring the super modern metropolis of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.
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One Day In TAIPEI, TAIWAN | This City Is Fascinating!

41 Replies to “One Day In TAIPEI, TAIWAN | This City Is Fascinating!”

  1. James B

    Taipei main station: Exit M8. Lots of hostels and hotels around that area, local food and restaurants (Japanese, Korean, western). Great coffee shops (such as Notch)! Also high street stores such as Uniqlo, Watsons, 7-11. Small hub of an area, but super convenient and easy access to transport all around Taipei.

  2. Ralph Netta

    I’m so surprised that you hadn’t been too the Presidential Palace and the extremely beautiful square across from the palace called the opera house square?

  3. Harry X Hemispheres

    Hey Gabe! Kind of a funny story, I was just out filming that area in the beginning at night when I came back and this popped up in my suggested videos. You're right that that area actually comes alive at night, and Huaxi Night Market is also known as 'Snake Alley' because you can find a few restaurants serving snake dishes. It also is the old red-light district of Taipei, until they outlawed prostitution in the early 90's (however, you will still see prostitutes working in the alleys there). When this global unicorn is over, you should really come spend more time here. I think you'd really enjoy and be surprised by the country (as I have been). If anyone is curious as to what these markets are like at night, feel free to watch my video on it:

  4. Bob Lu

    You are just my brother i know how much you love nepal no word to describe your relation with nepal .you make me happy bro i will always follow you.

  5. Chang Shawna

    Wow, Didn’t know that you just visited my country recently. I subscribed your channel a year ago when I tented to visit Rishkesh.
    Taiwan is very nice, isn’t it? If you got another chance to visit Taiwan, contact with me, my families based on Taichung, we can host you and drive you around! Thank you for showing us the beautiful world, I like your backpacker’s view of Video, it’s just like visit those places by myself, thank you.
    Safe trip

  6. mr s

    WTF dude are you high or something???? stop flinging your camera around every 2 seconds you are giving your viewers a headache….I never realized you were such a horrific vlogger, do you even watch your vids??? I dont thnk so or you would not make something this bad….SLOW DOWN WHEN FILMING!!!!!

  7. 紫微聖主 一炁施重光LORD369DiAMOND

    It’s called 杯 Bue 8:27 in HoLoh religion the pre-China civilization the oldest human nation and common ancestry of all chopstick using civilization in the Far East Asia

  8. Ching Cheng Tsai

    Two little wood thrown on the ground
    It bounces, three answers
    1 two sides up, God is laughing but no answer
    2 2 sides down. God rejects.
    3. 1up and 1 down, God has an answer for you. Go draw a number the answer is the stick.

    Generally it's a poem or two. Plus explanations.

  9. Janet Su

    Hey, Iam a Taiwanese and I live in Taipei, and I watch your video and I don't think you have found the most famous temple, Longshan temple, it's a pity. And since there have been a lot of back packing traveling vlog filmed and put on youtube. It will be much more appreciated if you take a better look at this city, Taipei or this country,Taiwan.
    What I have said so is because you have take your backpack in front of you and protect your backpack with your backpack when you were in the MRT, this is kind of wired because Taiwan is rated as the 2nd safety country in the world. You don't have to worry about pickpocket problem constantly when you travel around Taiwan. Wish you will take a look of my message, and have a longer time planned to have a better look of Taiwan. And better feel that the praise from all over the world who had ever been to Taiwan is the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is Taiwanese people. Taiwan No. 1.
    Always welcome and looking forward to your visit next time.

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