Exploring Taipei – Food trip and more

Exploring a Taipei popular Night Market and more! in this travel vlog you will see not only see yummy food, but a little bit of how Taipei streets and metro system look like. yasss It’s a suuuper late upload, but I am back! isn`t it great? hehehe ( it is for me :p)

Taipei’s winter was too cold for me, and honestly, I do not know if I could do it twice haha. In this vlog trip, you will see me in Ximen station, Ximending market, Shilin night Market, Din Tai Fung restaurant (famous franchise) , and more (?)

This is a great Tapei travel vlog for foodies 🙂
I miss the Scallion pancakes sooo much!

P.S. I got my Sapphire clear braces, at Fashion Smile, in Salcedo, MAKATI :

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18 Replies to “Exploring Taipei – Food trip and more”

  1. amy li

    Please answer these, is iphone 5s still using in Japan? Last time i watched your video trip in Akibahara iphone secondhand shops and you bought one very nice 5s which was in last year November 2016 around i guess according to your upload from that time. So its already more than one year now hehe 😀 so are you still using and people in Japan,are they as well?

  2. Sean Shih

    the "ginger" thing is actually ginseng, a plant good for human health. It has a strong taste too so if you want to try some alchohol i would recommend taiwanese beer.

  3. Ken Fukaku


  4. Allan Su

    The food looks absolutely delicious. Taipei is really underrated compared to the other top asian destinations. But the food, the culture and sights are up there with the best. Really, hope you enjoyed your stay and keep crushing those videos Jade! 🙂

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