Kampot, Cambodia moto tour – amazing things you need to see!

Come with us on a ride into the countryside near Kampot! There’s a lot to see and you’ll be glad you did (we hope)!

Thank you for watching our videos! We make them to show you what life is like here in Cambodia, and it’s nice that you are interested! If you have any questions about living in Siem Reap, Kampot, or anywhere else in Cambodia, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll answer if we can. If we can’t, we’ll find out and let you know.

Thanks again,
Jeremy & Claire

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21 Replies to “Kampot, Cambodia moto tour – amazing things you need to see!”

  1. For Riel

    Greetings from beautiful Cambodia! Thanks so much for watching 🌟 It's great to have you here. If you are a recent subscriber please say hi 😊.

  2. Groovy Daddio

    I enjoyed your latest video. Keep up the good work. Sorry your bike is acting up. Do you ever have a problem with street vendors selling bad or old gas? I have an unrelated question about photographing the children at the wat. Are Cambodians superstitious about having their picture taken, or was there some other reason for not photographing them? What caused your concern?

  3. Robz InThailand

    I plan on retiring in the Kampot/Kep area in a few years and have been watching your channel and appreciate the previews your are making available to me. I have a suggestion that I have not seen anyone do yet and that would be taking a boat as far up the river as possible!

  4. Zhu Bajie

    According to your map and the photos on Google map #1 is Wat Ang Prey Serey Meanchey វត្តអង្គប្រិយសិរីមានជយ័.

  5. Dave Does Cambodia

    One thing I always notice later but never while filming is how amazing the sky looks most of the time here. We never get that much in Michigan unless you're in certain places.

    I mean Michigan by the lake can be beautiful but you have to have the money to live in those places or take a trip.

  6. Michael Naylor-Hodgkinson

    Could you do a ride to the big birds(Tallest flying birds in the World) near Kep one time. I never did get to see them in the wild.

  7. Moonlight Mist and Memories

    Hi Jeremy and Claire , that first temple structure 2:18 , although lacking color , was quite impressive , very decorative , I must admit , when it comes to any religion , I'm not very knowledgeable , but I do so admire many of the world's places of worship , I remember seeing so many altars , both inside and outside of Khmer homes and businesses , and of course the wonderful scent of jasmine wafting about the neighborhood at any given time , I may be wrong , but I don't believe Buddha considered himself a deity , I wonder what he would think of all the temples and statues , I really love seeing railroad tracks in out of the way places , and that was quite a view of those mountains , nice ride about Claire , hope your moto is on the mend , catch you on the next one , take care , Peace …

  8. Jesus is my Lord and Savior

    I was born in Takeo, Cambodia. I am living in USA now. I can not comprehend my ALL my families still believe in Buddhism. Why would anyone pray to a status without soul or spirit?

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